Prepare for Arrival

We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus! Before and after travelling to Ireland there are important steps that all students must complete. Start preparing for your arrival to ATU Sligo today!

Important Information

ATU Sligo campus is located in Sligo. This is in the north west of Ireland, approximately 3 hours from Dublin.

The closest International Airport to Sligo is Dublin International Airport.

Sligo is connected to Dublin by coach and rail.

All new students are required to attend Induction.

You should travel to Sligo before Induction begins. 

Induction will begin on the 14th of September at 9am. 

Teaching is expected to begin on the week commencing the 19th September 2022. 

The Academic Calendar provides students with important term dates including holiday and examination periods.   

The 2022/23 Academic Calendar is available here

Please be aware 2022/23 Academic Calendar may be subject to minor changes throughout the year. 

Pre-Departure Checklist

Many international students will need a visa to travel to Ireland.

You can apply for a study visa up to 3 months before your date of travel to Ireland.

Learn more about visa and immigration here.

You must have accommodation booked for when you arrive to Ireland. 

ATU Sligo does not have its own accommodation but there are many private accommodation options located close to campus. 

Learn more about the accommodation options.

Non-EU/EEA students must have private medical insurance before travelling to Ireland. 

EU/EEA students should have their EHIC card before travelling to Ireland. 

Learn more about Medical Insurance 

At border control, you may be asked to show important documentation relating to your visit to Ireland. You should pack these documents in your hand luggage. Learn more

You should check the Covid-19 travel restrictions before travelling to Ireland.

These are available on the Government of Ireland website.  

If you are transiting through another country, you should also check their travel guidance. 

Pre-Departure Session are held virtually. They provide students with useful information about travelling to Ireland and preparing for their academic studies at ATU. 

A schedule of pre-departure sessions is available online here.  Offer holders will receive a link to join the information sessions by email. 

Cheerful students

At the Airport

Dublin International Airport is the closest international airport to ATU Sligo.

It is approximately 3 hours from ATU Sligo. 

You will go through Border Control at Dublin International Airport.

A Border Control Officer will check your documents. They may also ask you questions about your visit.

Learn more here

We recommend you bring the following documents in your hand luggage.

  • Passport (and visa if applicable) 
  • Offer Letter or Learning Agreement
  • Accommodation details 
  • Tuition Fee Receipt or Sponsorship Letter (if applicable)
  • Private Medical Insurance (Non-EU students) 

Further information about travel options from Dublin International Aiport will be provided in Summer 2022. 

Airplane in the air

After Arriving in Ireland

All new students are required to attend Induction.

Induction is an opportunity to learn about ATU Sligo, complete important tasks and meet new people. 

Induction will occur on the the 14-15 September 2022 for Non-EU, Erasmus and Partner/Exchange students.  

See Induction for further information 

You must register as a student before you can begin your academic studies. 

You will receive an email in September 2022 providing instructions on how to register. 

Once you register, you will get your student number and gain access to your student email and Moodle accounts. 

See Induction for further information 

If you a student from a Non-EU country, you will need to register with immigration and obtain your Irish Residence Permit. 

See Induction for further information 

Teaching is expected to begin on 19th September 2022. 

Timetables are normally released 1-2 weeks before teaching begins. 

At Induction, you will get guidance about how to access your timetable and use Moodle – our digital learning platform. 

See Induction for further information 


Induction is an opportunity to learn more about ATU Sligo, complete important tasks and meet new people.


All students must follow all public health guidelines after you arrive in Ireland. 

Detailed information is available at the Government of Ireland website. 

Students who are studying in Ireland are eligible to receive a vaccine. 

Learn more about Ireland’s vaccine roll out, and how to register,  on the HSE Vaccine website.  

After arriving in Ireland, if you feel unwell or develop symptoms you should self isolate and get tested. You should not come to campus. 

Further guidance for students is available on the ATU Sligo Covid-19 page. 

f you are self-isolating you may need to order food and groceries online. 

Tesco and Supervalu are two stores that deliver food and other items in Sligo. 



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