Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT), provides helpful information and support about how you can make use of technology and adapt it to your study needs.
Assistive Technology is defined as “any use of technology that helps you perform a task more easily”.

AT devices for students, should not give students an unfair advantage, but instead, should provide them with the independence to compete effectively with peers. Assistive technology can also provide a means for successful vocational and career access.

Here at ATU Sligo, we realise how important it is to thoughtfully assess what devices, tools and technologies may be appropriate in meeting each individuals’ own personal learning and visual needs. We have the expertise to work with each student individually, assess their needs, and match them to suitable assistive technologies.

The Assistive Technology Suite

The AT Suite is operated by the Access Office.

It offers a quiet, organised space, as well as equipment and software tools to address the accessibility needs of ATU Sligo students and staff. It meets the needs of the community at ATU Sligo, primarily students, who have questions about modifications or alternatives to standard monitors, keyboards or mice, or who are seeking tech tools to help with reading, writing, organisation and study skills.

Specialised hardware and software is provided. A number of workstations also have adjustable-height work surfaces to accommodate wheelchairs or people who wish to stand. All chairs are fully adjustable. One workstation has a video magnifier. There are a number of computers with voice recognition software: Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Read & Write Gold is available on all the computers in the suite.

Students chatting with a cup of coffee
IT Sligo Students Studying together

Priority for use of this room will be given first to Assistive Technology staff who are completing evaluations, 1:1 or group workshops and second to individuals using the Dragon programs.

The AT Suite is designated as a quiet and respectful space. We appreciate everyone’s help in maintaining this and keeping it a pleasant space to work in.

Staff members are at the Assistive Technology Suite periodically throughout the week, or by appointment. Any member of the ATU Sligo community may request an appointment for an evaluation or to see a demonstration of assistive technology. 

Student Assessment Process – Matching Student & Technology (MST)

The Matching Student & Technology (MST), assessment process ensures that the assistive technology provided best meets your needs. It also ensures that you have the necessary IT skills to use the technology and maps out any further training or support needed which the AT office will provide to both students and staff members.

Matching Student and Technology Assessment:

  • Technology Use & Predisposition–  First you will complete an assessment giving details about past technology use and preferences. This will take approximately 5 minutes to complete with the AT officer.
  • Matching Student & Technology Assessment – Once you have completed the Technology Use & Predisposition assessment you will meet 1:1 with the AT officer and together, you will examine your educational activities in order to determine how AT can be incorporated and best utilised in your course of study.
  • To consider each student’s valuable input regarding technology and their learning needs. Each student is their own expert.
  • To support students in selecting and utilising the resources that best suit their individual needs through student and staff support.
  • To consider how assistive technology can be used when transitioning to employment. We want to be able to support you and your potential employers throughout your transition from IT Sligo.

IT Sligo is always striving to engage in best practice. We welcome student feedback throughout the time we work together. Additionally, at the end of the year, students are asked to complete a feedback survey. This will ensure that student opinion is available to the Assistive Technology Officer regarding experiences using Assistive Technology. The student will also meet 1:1 with the Assistive Technology Officer throughout the year to address any issues that may arise.

Make an Appointment

If you feel you have specific requirements in your use of Assistive Technology you can ask your Access Officer or Learning Support Tutor to make an appointment with our Assistive Technology Officer, to ensure that the technology matches your study needs and environment.

You can book an appointment with the Assistive Technology Officer by emailing

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Where are we located

The Assistive Technology Suite is located upstairs in the Student Union Hub (H Block), room number: H1002. 

Via the stairs

  • Take the stairs to the first floor, and the AT room is directly in front of you at the top of the stairs

From the elevators

  • Go through the front door and pass the stairs. The lift is located on your right-hand side. Take the lift to level one. Turn left and the AT suite is the second room on the right-hand side.


  • Accessible parking is available close to the H block in carpark C.

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