New International Students

We are delighted to welcome you to ATU Sligo!
This is a helpful guide for new international students who are beginning their academic studies in January 2024.


Induction in an introduction to ATU Sligo that occurs before teaching begins. You will complete important tasks, learn useful information and meet other new students. 

Non-EU, Erasmus and Partnership/Exchange students will have Induction on Thursday and Friday 18th & 19th of January 2024


You can expect campus tours, information sessions, help desks, social activities and much more!

Some of the topics that will be covered during Induction will include:  

  • Campus Tours
  • Registration
  • Timetables
  • Email and Moodle
  • Student Cards
  • Student Support Services
  • Library & IT Services
  • Registering with Immigration
  • Opening Bank Accounts
  • Course/Programme Information
  • Student Union
  • Clubs and Societies

The Induction schedule will be available in December. 

Please be aware that there may be minor changes made to the schedule between August and September.


Induction will be held on the ATU Sligo Campus.

Address:  ATU Sligo Campus, Ash Lane, Sligo, F91 YW50, Ireland

You should report to ATU Sligo Main Entrance (No. 14 on the campus map) on the morning of 13th September.

ATU Sligo Campus Map 

Yes. All new international students are required to attend Induction. 

Please see our Induction schedule for further information. 

Our FAQ section also has answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

International Induction Schedule- January 2024

Checklist for New International Students

There are many tasks that new international students must complete after they arrive in Ireland and our checklist will help you keep track of the most important ones. 

These activities can only be completed after you formally register as an ATU Sligo student. Registration is an online process and occurs in early September. You will receive an email notification once registration opens. 

First Steps..

Student Email

(Setup and log in to your ATU account)

Email Address format:

Password: date of birth in the DDMMYYYYATUS format.

New Student Registration

Here's all the registration information you need to get you started at ATU Sligo


(Available 24 hours after registration)

Moodle is your virtual learning environment . You can access information and resources about your course.

Update Contact Details

(Available after registration)

You will need to add your Irish address and phone number to your student record.

Student Cards

You must upload a photo to get your student card. Student cards will be posted to the address on your student record.

Important: Please add your address in Ireland to your student record.


Timetables are subject to change and students should check them regularly.

The video guide provides information about accessing and understanding your timetable.

International Activities...

Documents & Forms

If you have official forms that need to be signed, please email a copy to the International Office .

Letters of Registration

These are official letters that confirm you are a registered ATU Sligo student.

Open a Bank Account

Many students may need to open a bank account in Ireland. There are several options available to students.

Register with Immigration

All Non-EU students must register with immigration within 90 days of arriving to Ireland.

Working in Ireland as a Student

Learn more about the official regulations and how to apply for a PPSN.

International Student Society

One of many ATU Sligo student clubs and societies. Its a great way to make friends and have fun.

Explore Further....

What's Happening on Campus

On the student portal you will discover further information about what's happening on campus, including details on Student Support Services / Campus Life / Speak Out/ Green Campus / Consent / Wellbeing

Practical Matters....

There are many practical activities that you will need to complete after travelling to a new country and city. You will find useful resources online and  in the ATU Sligo Student Guide. 

There are different options available to students including traditional and digital banks.

Please see our information guide for further information about banking options in Sligo.  

International Student Guide – Opening a Bank Account


There are several mobile phone networks in Ireland that offer a range of different plans and packages including sim-only deals.

You can purchase a new phone after you travel to Ireland. Or if your phone is unlocked, you can use an Irish sim card in your current phone.

Sim cards can be ordered from your preferred network provider and sent to your address in Ireland.  Mobile/sim providers in Ireland include: 


Clear Mobile

Eir Mobile


Tesco Mobile  


Virgin Mobile


Help and Support

If you have questions or need further assistance, there is support and guidance available. We also have a helpful FAQ section to provide answers to the most frequently asked questions!

IT Services

Support for technical or IT related problems, queries and requests.

International Office

Learn how to connect with us!

Student Portal

Useful information and guidance for current students!

Frequently Asked Questions

Induction for Non-EU, Erasmus and Partnership/Exchange students will begin on the 18th January 2024 at 10am. 

You will need to travel Sligo before Induction begins.  

Further information for international students travelling to Ireland/Sligo is available here

Please see our Preparing for Arrival page for information about travelling to Ireland / Sligo. 


Induction will occur across the week of 18th – 19th January


Induction is a very important part of preparing for your academic studies. All new international students should attend Induction. 

If you are unable to attend Induction due to a circumstance outside of your control, please contact the International Office at  

You will be able to register in January 2024. Registration is an online process. You will receive an email notification once registration is open. 

You will need to register before you can begin your classes, access your student account and login into Moodle/Email. 

You will be able to access these in September after you have registered as an ATU Sligo student. 

Please see the New International Student Checklist for further information

All Non-EU students must register with immigration within 90 days of arriving to Ireland. 

Please see the New International Student Checklist for further information

Timetables are normally released online in early September (1-2 weeks before teaching begins.) 

This is known as a ‘Letter of Registration’

Letters can be requested from the International Office after you have registered as an ATU Sligo student. 

Please see the New International Student Checklist for further information  

Further Questions?

Check out our central FAQ section!