We want to give all ATU Sligo campus visitors and website users the best experience possible, irrespective of ability or disability.

Access Office

A student with specific learning needs, a disability or any circumstances which need individual consideration can contact our Access Office.

The Access Office has a specific responsibility to support students attending the college with a disability or special needs due to chronic illness.

Additional support for our HEAR and DARE applicants are organised through Access Office, too.

The Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) is a college and university scheme that offers places on reduced points and extra college support to school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds in the Republic of Ireland.

The Disability Access Route to Education (DARE) is a third level alternative admissions scheme for school-leavers whose disabilities have had a negative impact on their second-level education. 

Our Learning Support Tutor, Andrea Rynn, is also available in ATU Sligo. The Learning Support Tutor provides learning support to students who have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties as well as ADHD. 

Dyslexia screening can also be arranged in the college for students who suspect they may have dyslexia or other specific learning difficulties.

Additional support on a one-to-one basis, or as a small group, plus organising accommodation, are some of the ways our tutors can help. 

Our Disability Officer, Shelley Brady, provides a plan tailored to the individual needs of a student. This plan, alongside ongoing support and advice, allows our students to reach their full potential.

To access this support students must register with the Disability Office and provide the necessary evidence.

Our Assistive Technology Officer, Fiona Fox, can support students using a comprehensive range of modern Assistive Technology. This includes text scanning pens, equal smartpens, magnifying technologies, and more – all this alongside our dedicated Assistive Technology suite. 

Website Accessibility


ATU Sligo is committed to making the information on this website accessible to all, regardless of ability. 

Many people use assistive technologies to allow them, for example, to view websites in easier-to-read colours, with larger fonts or as spoken text, or to navigate around a site using the keyboard only. 

The Accessibility helper on our website helps solve accessibility problems such as font size, contrast, title, links, and keyboard navigation.

We have followed the WCAG 2.0 standards at level AA guidelines in developing this website, hoping to get AAA in further development.

Accessibility Helper Ally

All ATU Sligo, students can access an accessibility tool, Ally, that we’ve integrated into Moodle, ATU Sligo’s Learning Management System.

The Ally creates alternative files, which students can download in formats that meet their learning needs.

Alternative files include readable text for screen readers, pictures with captions and easy-to-navigate content. 

The introduction to Ally is available HERE


ReachDeck Toolbar

ReachDeck (previously BrowseAloud) is a software which helps website visitors who require online reading support and those who prefer to listen to information instead of reading it. 

It adds speech, reading, and translation support tools to websites. It makes online content more accessible for people with dyslexia, low literacy, English as a second language, and those with mild visual impairments.