Student Information


Update: March, 2022

Antigen Test Distribution

Please note that antigen test distribution will commence on Tuesday 8th February, and will run to Thursday 10th February.


There will be 4 collection points as follows;

Students Union Reception 10.00-12.00 & 2.00-4.00 (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

Student Health Reception 10.00-12.00 & 2.00-4.00 (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

Main Reception 10.00 – 4.00 (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)

Main concourse outside main canteen 10.00 – 4.00 (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday)               

  1. Please have your student card or student number to hand in order to obtain your tests
  2. The QR code on the box will direct you to the instruction video onh ow to do your test.

For further information please go the following link  HSE website.

Campus Attendance

In response to the changes in Public Health Guidance announced on Friday 21st of January, we would like to advise you of some changes to on campus attendance.

Please note that Craft apprenticeships delivery is unaffected by this message.

Week commencing January 24th

Teaching week 1 – Continue as agreed swith essential delivery on site only.

Week commencing January 31st

Teaching week 2 – Revert to the pre Xmas delivery model which differed across programmes- some were back completely, others  a combination of on campus teaching / labs/ studios with some remote teaching.  All labs & workshops on campus in Science with all labs on campus. Please check with your Department if you have any queries.

Week commencing February 7th

Teaching Week 3 – Full return to on campus delivery


What if I test positive or am a close contact?

We will continue to keep in place all of the existing control measures to help prevent the spread of COVID 19  on the campus as follows;

  1. Mask wearing will continue for all persons for the foreseeable future,  
  2. Maintain hand and respiratory hygiene activities
  3. Avoid congregating in groups within the campus buildings.
  4. Ventilation in the lecture rooms and canteen will continue to be monitored.
  5. Cleaning regimes will be maintained
  6. We would encourage you to get vaccinated or get your booster vaccine if you have not done so already.

We will advise you of any changes to these control measure as public health advise is updated. We have been very successful in managing the spread of COVID 19 on the campus over the past 22 months because of your co-operation with these control measures.

We are requesting your continued co-operation for another period of time until the prevalence of COVID 19 has reduced in the community.  

We will be distributing antigen tests for you to use and we would ask that you follow the guidance around same. 

We would ask if you are COVID 19 positive that you self-isolate as per the HSE guidance and do not come onto the campus for a further three days (10 days in total) as this is a crowded facility and there are vulnerable persons therein.

As the prevalence of COVID – 19 is still high in the community there will be times when either yourself or lecturers may have to self-isolate and/or restrict movements. This will impact on delivery but every effort will be made to keep you informed of any changes. Equally you need to keep your programme team informed and they will work to support you.

We will be keeping the situation under review and will advise you if there any changes required if the public health situation requires it.

If you have any queries at all, please contact our student health centre  nurses for advice.


If you experiencing issues or have queries please contact:

In relation to academic queries, please link firstly with the lecturer of your module.  If it is a programme query please link with your year coordinator or programme chairperson. If they are unable to assist with certain issues, please email your relevant Head of Department who may be able to assist.

Thank you for your patience! We will get back to you as soon as possible.   If you are waiting more than 48 hours for a response please contact our Communications Manager

Have a question or problem with logging in?  Please contact one of these three areas:


For any queries in relation to fees/ registration/ change of address/forms to be signed/ stamped. PLEASE CONTACT

If you have any form to be signed, please scan or photograph and attach to e-mail and it will be processed for you.

Please note the office is closed to visitors.


If you have queries in relation to examinations etc. PLEASE CONTACT

Technical Issues

If you are experiencing any technical or registration issues such as logging into Moodle or gaining access to emails please visit here.

Watch a video instruction on how to use MS Teams here.


We are ready to give you any support you need during these challenging times. Your Health Service may look a bit different this year as we lean towards virtual medicine for the protection of all.

A virtual clinic is a consultation with the nurse or doctor by phone or video call (using Microsoft Teams) instead of a face-to-face meeting. If it is medically required for you to attend the Health Service, this can be organised for you.  Click here to find out how to make an appointment with the Health Service or have Covid-19 Symptoms.



Welcome to IT Sligo Student Counselling Service. We are ready to give you psychological support during these challenging times.

The Student Counselling Service is open Monday to Friday 9am until 4pm.

To make an appointment with the Student Counselling Service

· Phone the Health Service reception on 071-93 05463 between 9am-4pm, Mon to Friday

· Closed for lunch 12.30pm until 1.30pm · Email please specify in your email if you would like an appointment:

(a) In Person , (b)Online (via Teams) (c)By Telephone

You will be asked to sign and return consent forms online prior to your Counselling appointment. All forms will be emailed to you.

How to make an appointment with Student Counselling Service

Do not attend the Student Counselling Service in person when seeking an appointment. 

Stay Safe!