DigitaryCORE Information

IT Sligo uses a secure online document sharing service called Digitary CORE.  Students and alumni can access and share their academic records with employers, other education providers, etc through this service.

Please find information below on how to access your information and some solutions to any issues you may encounter.

If you have any issues with Digitary or wish to request a transcript, please email examinations@nullitsligo.ie.

When logging into Digitary using your IT Sligo email, please ensure you only use the format StudentID@nullmail.itsligo.ie e.g. S00123456@nullmail.itsligo.ie. 

There are different types of documents available through Digitary.  These are:


Shortly after examination results are released, a grademailer, otherwise know as a transcript of results, is issued to all registered students at the end of their Semester 2 and/or August studies.  It details all modules taken,  the results of each module and other important information


This is a new document introduced in 2020 for all students graduating with a major award and for those students who have successfully completed a special purpose award/minor award/single subject certificate.  This is your original document.  It is not available for previous years.  Students with outstanding fees are not entitled to receive a parchment/certification or attend conferring ceremonies.

Please note – documents will only be available via DigitaryCORE to those students who’s fees are paid in full.  Please refer to your Student Account to check for any outstanding fees: My Self-Service Banner

Digitary Core Instructions for New Users

You will receive an email from Digitary CORE alerting you that a document has been issued to you via Digitary CORE.

For new users, accessing your document for the first time is a 3-step process: RegisterActivate, and Login.  Note, you only need to register your account once

1  Register

  • You will be sent a notification to your IT Sligo email when your document is ready for you to access and share
  • Click on the link in the email which will bring you to the registration page https://core.digitary.net/#/user/register
  • Fill out the short form ensuring you use the same student email address that the Digitary notification was sent to and only in the format StudentID@nullmail.itsligo.ie e.g. S00123456@nullmail.itsligo.ie.

2  Activate

  • After registering, you will receive an email containing a link – follow the instructions and click on the link which will activate your account and direct you back to the login page
  • This email can take some time to arrive, please be patient
  • If you have not received your link, check your spam or junk folder
  • Activating your account in this way is done only ONCE
  • It is important that you complete this activation step as it confirms that you are the owner of the email address that you used when registering

3  Login

  • Click on the link in the activation email to bring you to the login page
  • Enter the email address and password you have just created to gain access

Digitary Core Instructions for Returning Users

1 Click

2  Link – this is a very important step to have completed before your IT Sligo email address expires

  • Once logged in, you can also link your account to LinkedIn, Google+, or Facebook accounts, or simply link a second email address from your profile settings (click dropdown menu beside your name at the top right of the screen).

3  My IT Sligo email has expired and I didn’t link my account to my personal or other preferred email

  • Email examinations@nullitsligo.ie who will be able to update your associated email to your personal or another preferred email
  • Once you receive a notification that there are documents available to you, click on this link https://core.digitary.net/#/user/cantlogin, enter your preferred email, and on the next screen create a password which will ensure lifetime access to all documents available to you via Digitary CORE