Project Scope

The aim is to improve the system performance without changing the overall size of the current product, in order to avoid significant retooling costs.  ATU Sligo investigated and examined design and treatment process improvements which have the potential to provide a measurable improvement in the performance.  The investigation included:

  • Analysis of initial test results
  • Improvements in filter media
  • Scaling options for higher PE
  • Renewable energy power options

Company Overview

Biofriendly Sewage Treatment Systems (Biofriendly) was set up in 2005 by Brendan and Esther Gordon.  The company manufactures and installs environmentally friendly, domestic scale, sewage treatment systems.  The systems can be used as standalone units for single house dwellings, or as upgrades to existing septic tanks, to deal with excessive waste and eliminate pollution from percolation areas.

Project Outcomes

The options for the use of on-site renewable energy as a power supply for the aeration and sludge pumps were examined.  The research showed that it would be more cost effective for a home owner to install a full house rated system (e.g. wind turbine, solar PV) than a system for the waste treatment unit alone.

The project identified potential improvements in the filter media and positioning of the aerator.  A test specification was also provided in order to have these modifications tested prior to any further redesign.  In addition ATU Sligo worked with Biofriendly to develop a scaling option for 10PE using the same tank unit.

Client Testimonial

“Contract Research Unit (CRU) had been working and supporting Biofriendly Ltd for the last number of years. I have found them very professional and helpful. Mel Gavin has been of great technical support to Biofriendly Ltd in advising on how to improve the efficiency of our Sewerage Treatment System and dealing with professionals in other Institutes on our behalf.”

For more information on Biofriendly please visit their website on

Test data analysis

Filter media options

Filter media options