As part of the introduction of PAYE Modernisation in the Irish tax system we have been advised by Revenue that everyone including external examiners must:

  1. Have a valid PPSN (Personal Public Service Number).  AND
  2. Register with “myAccount” on the Revenue website.

Step 1 – Applying for PPSN Number as a Non Resident

As a non-resident, it is possible for you to apply for an Irish PPSN, without having to attend in person to their offices.  You need to complete the relevant documentation, see below, and either scan and email OR post the application.

Download Reg 1 Application Form

Scan and email to: cis@nullwelfare.iePost: Client Identity Services, Department of Social Protection, Shannon Lodge, Carrick on Shannon, Co. Leitrim, Ireland

A PPSN number will be sent to you within 2 weeks. Information on the PPSN application is available below.

When submitting application for a PPS Number from abroad, please ensure the following is enclosed to expedite waiting time for PPS Numbers:

  • REG1 Application Form (must include mother’s birth surname and co-signed by a witness – a person known to you)
  • Signed Declaration
  • Documentary evidence to show that a PPSN is required (e.g. a letter from IT Sligo)
  • UK Nationals – Copy of Passport (or copy of Drivers Licence which must be accompanied by a Birth Certificate)
  • EU Nationals and EEA Countries – Copy of Passport or copy of both sides of National ID card; Non EEA Countries – Copy of Passport

Note: The Exceptional application process cannot be availed of if you are living in or intend to relocate to Ireland for any period of time.

Step 2 – Notifying IT Sligo of your PPS Number

Once you have received your PPSN, you will then need to complete email it to Niamh Doddy, doddy.niamh@nullitsligo.ie, Examinations, in order to get set up on our Payroll system.

Step 3 – Registering with “myAccount” on Revenue website

In addition to the above, it is also imperative that you register with “myAccount” on the Revenue website, . Click on Start Registration and follow the steps.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything to do with PPSN, please feel free to contact our IT Sligo Payroll team on payroll@nullitsligo.ie or +353 (0) 71 9155349.