Kilgallon Stairs

EV Charger – Kilgallon Stairs – Co. Sligo

Established in 1993 Kilgallon Stairs Ltd which is located in Dromard, Co. Sligo, have been providing a high-quality service to private and commercial clients nationwide for over 25 years. Over the 25 years, Kilgallon Stairs Ltd has seen dramatic changes and developments in the construction industry. They manufacture a full range of hardwood and softwood staircases as well as supplying a full range of accessories, such as handrails, balusters, and scrolls.

The Atlantic Technological University Contract Research Unit (ATU CRU) reviewed the Kilgallon Stairs’ carbon impact by looking at their energy, water, waste and materials. The ATU CRU carried out a bills analysis, solar analysis and a basic building audit. It became clear that Kilgallon Stairs had recently carried out a number of upgrades to their facilities including upgrading most of the lighting in the offices and workshop to LED’s and the installation of electric heaters in the office. They also produced their own wood briquettes on-site from wood waste. These briquettes were then used to heat their workshop. Considering the work already carried out the primary opportunity identified was to focus on the electrification of their fleet. Kilgallon Stairs was provided with a specification for an EV charger. Kilgallon Stairs installed a Chargestorm Connected 2 910-17060 with Dual Outlets charging power from 1.4 to 22kW.