Hawk’s Well Theatre

Lighting upgrade, Water filter & Reusable Bottles – Hawk’s Well Theatre – Co. Sligo

The Hawk’s Well is a 340-seat theatre in Sligo, Northwest Ireland. They host a diverse programme of arts and entertainments including professional and amateur drama, a wide range of music from traditional and jazz to opera, plus dance, pantomime, children’s theatre, and comedy. It is a 3-storey detached multi-tenanted building, constructed circa 1981. The floor area (of the section of the building operated by Hawk’s Well Theatre) is approx. 1,000m2, the remainder is occupied by Failte Ireland. 

The Atlantic Technological University Contract Research Unit (ATU CRU) carried out a review of the energy bills and an energy inspection of the theatre. The theatre management is very energy conscience and through the Lower Carbon, Lower Cost programme we explored ways to reduce space heating emissions, waste e.g. alternatives to disposable plastic cups that are used to dispense drinks from the bar, and water consumption. In collaboration with management and the technical team, the most suitable LED light replacement for 1200-watt bulbs was sourced. Five of these lights were replaced with Chauvet Ovation Pro F-915FC units. This 89 LED has a 50,000-hour life expectancy ad will lead to a reduction of 9,208 kWh per year. 

The Hawk’s Well also installed a filtered water tap and purchased branded reusable water bottles for their green room to cut down on the use of single-use plastic bottles.