President’s Office

Dr Brendan McCormack is the Head of Sligo College. He has overall leadership and responsibility for the Institute’s operational and strategic activities.

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Michelle Glacken

Academic Affairs and Registrar

Dr Michele Glacken is the VP Academic Affairs and Registrar of ATU Sligo. She has overall responsibility for academic affairs and student support services. 

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Elizabeth McCabe

Finance and Corporate Services 

Elizabeth McCabe is the Vice President of Finance & Corporate Services, and is a member of the Senior Executive of the Institute with Institute-wide responsibility for the resource management and administrative affairs of the Institute and all its enterprises. 

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Vice President of Research, Innovation and Engagement, Chris O'Malley

Research, Innovation and Engagement 

Chris O’Malley is the Vice President of Research, Innovation & Engagement. 

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Professor Jacqueline McCormack,VP Online Development

EDI and Online Development

Jacqueline McCormack is the VP for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, and Online Development.