CIWEM Accredited Environmental Science Courses:

Who are CIWEM?

CIWEM, the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, is the leading chartered professional body for environmental scientists with an integrated approach to environmental, social and cultural issues.

CIWEM support the professional careers of thousands of scientist worldwide.  They promoting excellence in the area of environmental management and they are certified to ISO14001 demonstrating their commitment to continuous improvement of the institution and its members.   CIWEMs considerable membership includes Sir David Attenborough, who has been conferred with the title of Honoree Fellow.

Why is an accredited course important for students and graduates?

Completing a CIWEM accredited course at IT Sligo will benefit the career opportunities of current students and future graduates.

It will ensure that the students professional qualification will have an appropriate standard and quality that will meet the needs of current and future employers.

It will open opportunities for graduates both at home and abroad through its large network of members and ensure excellence in environmental management throughout their professional career.

All current and future students on accredited courses are eligible to free membership of CIWEM and the professional benefits and contacts that it brings.

Students can then embark on a professional career eventually leading to chartered status as an environmental professional.

Which IT Sligo Environmental Science courses are accredited?

The following IT Sligo courses are accredited;

  • Higher Certificate in Environmental Management (Level 6 ODL)
  • BSc (Ordinary) in Environmental Management (Level 7 ODL)
  • BSc (Ordinary) in Environmental Protection (Level 7)
  • BSc (Honours) in Environmental Management (Level 8 ODL)
  • BSc (Honours) in Environmental Science (Level 8)
  • MSc in Environmental Health and Safety Management (Level 9)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Protection (Level 9 ODL)
  • MSc in Environmental Protection (Level 9 ODL)

IT Sligo is the only college in Ireland running CIWEM accredited courses.

How does accreditation work?

CIWEM rigorously assess all programmes prior to accreditation to ensure they meet their strict quality control level. As part of the accreditation process a panel of CIWEM Chartered Environmental Scientist visit the college and review the course content to ensure its suitability.

The CIWEM accreditation panel visited IT Sligo in April 2015 and unanimously ratified the listed programmes.  They commended the staff, students and facilities at IT Sligo.  They noted the quality and integrity of the courses at IT Sligo and found the open and distance learning programmes to be exemplary.


The IT Sligo accreditation team and CIWEM accreditation panel, from Left to right;
Mr. Steve Tonry, Lecturer IT Sligo & Programme Coordinator, BSc (Hons) Env Management (by ODL)
Dr. Frances Lucy, Lecturer IT Sligo& Programme Coordinator, BSc (Ordinary) Env Management (by ODL)
Prof. Chris Pratt, Retired Dean, Coventry University, CIWEM Assessor
Dr. Billy Fitzgerald, Head of Dept. of Environmental Science, IT Sligo
Mr. Mike Walker, Retired Senior Manager, United Utilities International, CIWEM Assessor
Dr. Jerry Bird, Head of School of Science, IT Sligo
Miss Jenny Dyer, Members Development Executive, CIWEM
Dr. Glynn Skerratt, Retired Principal Lecturer, Staffordshire University, CIWEM Assessor
Mr. Declan Feeney, Lecturer, IT Sligo/CIWEM Accreditation Coordinator

Want more information?

Please see the website for the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management.

Or, contact Declan Feeney ( at IT Sligo for more information.