Repeat/Deferred Exams or Other Assessment Types


Deferred Examinations/Project Submission/Assignment Submission/Dissertation Submission

Students who have deferred one or more examinations or any other assessment work must contact the exams office by e-mail ONLY at the following link

Repeat Examinations/Project Submission/Assignment Submission/Dissertation Submission or any other repeat work

Students who are sitting repeat examinations or submitting any other form of repeat work must also register for their exams/submission online at the following link.

Please note the closing date for online repeat registration is July 1st 2022.

Once logged in, click on the link directly underneath your results and follow the screens through to register and pay the €50 repeat registration fee.

Please note, if you are asked to enter your telephone number for verification purposes at the payment stage, ensure you enter your international dial code.

Repeat Attend

All students who are required to Repeat Attend must get written permission from the Head  of Dept and then present this letter to Admissions.  Please email for further information.