Repeat/Deferred Exams or Other Assessment Types



A student may request a deferral of an examination sitting in the academic year 2022/2023.

The submission of third party documentation to support the application (i.e. medical certification) or self-certification (i.e. an outline of how illness/circumstances detailed in the deferral application has effected their exam/assessment) must be uploaded as part of the application.

A student may request a deferral of an examination sitting or submission of a final assessment due to a sudden unavoidable event that prevents them from being present at an exam centre or submitting a final assessment when it falls due.

It applies for the following reasons:

a) Bereavement
b) Accident
c) Illness
d) Other personal disruption

Deferrals must be submitted within four days of the last timetabled exam. Deferrals may be accepted online but will NOT be considered after the forth day.

  • The submission of third party substantiating evidence is mandatory and must be in date.
    ( E.g. Medical certs must be current and date stamped by G.P.)
  • You must list every individual module you are requesting an exam deferral for and ensure that you have the correct module code and module title listed.
  • You will automatically be registered to complete a deferred exam or submit a final assessment at the next available sitting by the Examinations Office.
  • If you are unable to take a deferred exam or submit a final piece of work, for a valid reason, at the next available sitting you must apply again though this deferral system. If your application is unsuccessful you must email if you wish to register for a repeat.
  • A deferral for a booked holiday will not be considered as the dates of the exam periods are published at the beginning of the academic year and are available on our academic calendar.
  • Please note that only those exam deferral applications which are complete will be considered by the Deferral Committee and it is important to note that not all deferral applications are approved so consideration needs to be given to the consequences of an application not being approved.

Please note that the online deferral form will be disabled and no longer accept submissions at the close of business on fourth day after the last timetabled exam. In exceptional circumstances you may contact your Head of Dept for deferral consideration.

EXAM 019 Click here to access the Exam Deferral Procedure

EXAM 019 Click here to access the online application form to apply for an Exam Deferral

Repeat Examinations/Project Submission/Assignment Submission/Dissertation Submission or any other repeat work

Students who are sitting repeat examinations or submitting any other form of repeat work must also register for their exams/submission online at the following link.

Once logged in, click on the link directly underneath your results and follow the screens through to register and pay the €100 repeat registration fee.

Please note, if you are asked to enter your telephone number for verification purposes at the payment stage, ensure you enter your international dial code.

Repeat Attend

All students who are required to Repeat Attend must get written permission from the Head  of Dept and then present this letter to Admissions.  Please email for further information.