Reliability Prediction

Real Time Automated Reliability Prediction Modelling


The purpose of this research is to develop a real-time automated system for predicting the reliability of an electronic system based on accumulated data from in company field failure databases. These databases will represent internal company databases and may be situated remotely in various locations throughout the world. The objective will be to automatically accumulate all the reliability information from disparate locations and develop a cohesive and uniform model that can interpret, analyse this information and predict the reliability performance of electronic systems.

The Research Team
Dr. John Donovan Principal Researcher
Department of Engineering, IT, Sligo.
Ms. Elizabeth Sheehan Research Student Department of Engineering, IT, Sligo.

Project Details
Evaluate current Reliability prediction techniques for electronic systems based on field failure rates.

Identify the most suitable prediction models that can accommodate reliability information for a disparate geographical locations.

Identify the relevant in-company reliability field failure databases and access how they can be automatically accessed.

Access the suitability of current software for the generation of adequate predictions and reports,

Evaluate the performance of the technique on historical data contained within these databases and validate the suitability/adequacy of the prediction techniques.

Automate the report generation process.