ICOMS (Inline Characterisation of Multiphase Systems)

Lead Principal Investigator:

Dr. Saritha Unnikrishnan

Research Interests: Explainable deep AI, computer vision and smart sensor integration for digital health applications

                  Principal Investigator:

Dr. Marion McAfee

Research Interests: Dynamical Systems and Control, Intelligent Sensing

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Xavier Velay

Research Interests: Design for Industry, Engineering Management, Industry 4.0, and the Circular Economy


                  Principal Investigator:

Dr. Finola Howe

Research Interests: Innovation, entrepreneurial development, business development, regional development, knowledge transfer

Full-Stack Data Scientist:

Ross McMorrow

Research Interests: Data Science in Advanced Manufacturing, Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision


Recent team meeting with EI partners in ATU Sligo March 2023