Virtual Computing

Virtual Desktop and Virtual Applications provide access to a Windows 7 virtual desktop. It is available to Staff, Distance Learning Students and other Student groups on request.

Depending on the valid reason that you provide for access – you may be allocated usage of the Virtual Desktop or alternatively access to Virtual Applications.


What Virtual Applications are available?

  • Sql 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Expression Studio
  • MatLab
  • MiniTab
  • SPSS
  • AutoCad 2012

How do I log into the Virtual Desktop?

You can log by directing your browser to

  1. Enter your user and password.
  2. Click Log In.

Can I access files stored on my local machine (desktop, laptop, mobile device)?

Yes, you can access files on the local drive of your computer or mobile device.

Where do I save my files?

Be sure to save your work to your H drive. Do not save anything to the desktop or C drive – once you logoff all the changes made on the Virtual Desktop are lost.