A Rich Archaeological Landscape

The Sligo region is unique as it contains one of Europe’s highest concentrations of prehistoric, and later period archaeological sites. Well preserved sites can be found dating from the period of hunter gatherers (c.8000-4000 BC) through to industrial development in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. There are over 7000 recorded archaeological sites in Sligo, which is remarkable considering the county takes up only 2.5% of the total landmass of Ireland.

It is perhaps best known for the extraordinary wealth of Neolithic period sites (c.4000-2400 BC) with large numbers of megalithic monuments (15% of Ireland’s total), built by the first farmers. Many of these Neolithic sites are the earliest in the country, such as at the causewayed enclosure at Magheraboy and the passage tombs at Carrowmore.

From its megaliths and monasteries to castles, mythology, landscape and its strategic location in the North West, Sligo is a perfect place to encounter every aspect of Irelands archaeological, historical and cultural background.

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