Fees and Funding (Online and Part-Time Courses)

Additional information about fees and funding for students studying an online or part time courses. You must have your funding secured before registering for your course.

This information relates to the 2022/23 Academic Year. Details for the 2023/24 Academic Year will be updated in Summer 2023.


Payment Deadlines

Payment Methods

Instalment Plans

Tuition Fees 2022-23

Tuition fees are available on individual course webpages. 

Payment Deadlines 2022/23

Tuition fees are due at registration. If payment has not been received by relevant payment deadline below, late payment penalties will apply in accordance with the student fee collection procedure. 

September Intake 

30th September- Semester 1 Tuition Fees 

31st January  – Semester 2 Tuition Fees 

January Intake 

28th February – Semester 1 Tuition Fees 

Payment Methods 2022/23

You are a self-funded student if you (or a family member/guardian) will be paying your fees to ATU Sligo directly. 

  • You will be required to pay a non-refundable booking deposit of €250 to secure your place at ATU Sligo.  
  • You will be prompted to pay your remaining tuition fees at registration.  You have the option to not pay at registration but your fees must be paid by the payment deadlines or late fee payment penalties will apply. 
  • Self-funded students can pay their tuition fees in full or by semester. You can also request to pay by instalment plan.  Students who wish to pay by instalment must complete an instalment form. Please see the Instalment Plans for further information. 
  • Tuition fees can be paid online via Self Service Banner using a credit or debit card.   Please see ‘How to Make a Payment’ for further information.  
  • Unfortunately payment cannot be accepted over the phone or by cash/cheque. 

You are considered an employer funded student if your employer or Skillnet will be paying ATU Sligo directly.  

  • If you receive an offer to study at ATU Sligo, you will need to complete an  ‘Employer Invoice Request Form’  to secure your place at ATU Sligo. This form will be provided by the Admissions Office during the application process. 
  • An invoice will be issued by email. Payment of tuition fees will be required by the date stated on the invoice.
  • You will need to request a invoice for each academic year of your studies. 
  • Your student account will continue to display your tuition fees until payment has been received from your employer. 
  • At registration, you will be prompted to pay your fees. If you are a employer / Skillnet funded student, you should select ‘Pay Later’. This will allow you to be temporarily registered until your employer / Skillnet pays your fees. 
  • If your employer/Skillnet does not pay your tuition fees, late fee payment penalties will apply. 
  • If your employer will be partially funding your tuition fees, you will need to complete an invoice request form for the portion of fees that you employer will be funding. You will also need to pay the remainder of your fees directly to ATU Sligo. Please see ‘How to Make a Payment’ for further details. 

NQF Level 6 Courses 

If you are a Springboard+ funded student completing a NQF Level 6 programme, it is fully funded by the HEA, and you are not required to make any payment towards your tuition fees. 

NQF Level 7-9 Courses 

If you are completing a NQF Level 7 – 9 programme it is 90% funded by the HEA. If you are employed, you will be required to pay the remaining 10% of your tuition fees by the relevant payment deadlines. If you are unemployed, no payment will be required. 

Springboard+ Platform Registration 

The HEA require you to confirm your registration status on the Springboard+ platform at specific times during the academic year to ensure your tuition fees are released to ATU Sligo.  The Springboard+ Co-ordinator will send you an email when you are due to complete these registration steps.

Student Fee Balance 

Your student account will show your full course fee for the academic year until funding has been been received from the HEA. At registration you will be asked to pay your fees. You should select ‘Pay Later’. This will allow you to be temporarily registered until payment has been received. 

Further information about Springboard+ is available here


How to Make a Payment 2022/23

Registered students can make a fee payment by debit/credit card via Self Service Banner.  

Unfortunately it is not possible to accept payment over the phone or by cash/cheque.

Your student account in Self Service banner will always reflect your full tuition fees. If you are paying via semester or instalment, you will need to edit the amount you want to pay.  


  • Log into Self Service Banner using your ATU Sligo login details 
  • Select Account Details by Term
  • Select Term and hit Pay Now
  • Once the Term has been selected you can amend the amount in the fees box
  • For more detailed instructions, please see our User Guide- Paying Fees 

Self Service Banner

User Guide - Paying Fees

Instalment Plans 2022/23

Self funded students have the option to pay via instalment. The instalment plan is two equal payments per semester.  

You must complete an payment instalment form, and pay your instalments, before the payment deadlines below. 

  • September intake: 30th September / 16th December / 31st January / 14th April 
  • January Intake: 28th February / 14th April 

Note: You student account in Self Service banner will always reflect your full tuition fees. If you are paying via instalment, you will need to edit the payment amount. Please see ‘How to Make a Payment’ for further information. 

If you do not make make payments in accordance with your instalment plan, late fee payment penalties will apply. 



Instalment Plan Form
January Intake

Fee Implications for Withdrawals/Deferrals 2022/23

If you choose to withdraw or defer from your course, there will be fee implications depending on the date that you officially withdraw/defer. 

If you decide to defer/withdraw it is very important that you follow the official procedure.  It is not sufficient to tell or email a staff member that you are leaving. 

Further information about the Deferrals and Withdrawals policy, fee implications and the official application process is available here

Withdrawals & Deferrals

Late Fee Payment Penalities 2022/23

Students who have not paid by the payment deadlines, or set up an agreed payment instalment plan,  will lose access to Moodle and Email and other systems in accordance with the Student Fee Collection Procedure


  • Non-receipt of a fee reminder by letter/email/text will not be accepted as a valid reason for non-payment of fees. 
  • Students with outstanding fees for a prior academic year will lose access to enrolment records, examination results and academic transcripts.  
  • Examination results will not be released to any student with outstanding fees. 
  • Students will not be permitted to register for the next academic year or graduate until their outstanding fees are paid in full. ,

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