Online/Part-Time Student Exams

Exam Hall Venues

Please note that there is no external exam venue for the August Exam Session.

The only in person venue available to request for online students in August is ATU Sligo .

Examinations will be held in the ATU – Sligo College, Ash Lane, Sligo, Ireland.

The exams will be held between 21st – 26th August 2023.

Please click HERE for directions to ATU Sligo, and contact details.  

If you wish to attend this centre for the August Examinations, please fill in this form. Please note this form will be live on July 17th at 12 noon GMT and will close on July 31st at 12 noon GMT.

Please click here for Examinations Timetable and Examinations Procedure:

Students on laptops
IT Sligo students having a chat in front of a mural on campus
Students in the library

Online Invigilation/Proctoring

Online proctoring is the process of students being invigilated for their exams remotely by an online proctor.

Our online proctoring provider is currently Examity (subject to change).

Approved students will be enrolled on an Online Exams page on Moodle and can access Examity through a link there.

Students will receive information, guidance, and instruction on how to prepare for their exam through the forum on the Online Exams page.

Examity have a comprehensive FAQ guide at the following: Test-takers – Examity.

Online examinations are best sat in the student’s own home, in a quiet room where they will not be disturbed by other people. It is required that students:

  • Take the exam on a desktop computer or laptop (Chromebooks are not allowed due to functionality limitations)
  • Have a working USB wide angle webcam and a working microphone
  • Internet speed must be at the very least 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload
  • Determine internet speed by running a test at The Global Broadband Speed Test
  • Students are strongly advised to complete the practice exam available on the Online Exam page in Moodle to ensure their equipment meets the criteria to successfully connect with a proctor and it also helps the student to familiarise themselves with the process. If there are any issues identified in the practice exam, we then have time to rectify the issue before the day of the exam

Poor internet connection

  • Not being prepared i.e. viewing the help videos on the online exams page
  • Not having suitable equipment (camera/microphone)
  • Having applications running in the background i.e. Zoom, MS Teams etc
  • Not uploading the exam correctly
  • Not completing the practice exam
  • Not scheduling the exam on time
  • Disconnecting from the proctor

1. Complete the form at the bottom on this webpage to select Online Proctoring

2. Enrolled to the online exams page on Moodle

3. Read instructions on the Moodle page and watch help videos

4. Create a profile on Examity

5. Schedule their exams

6. Complete practice exam

7. Complete exam as per timetable

There is an ID verification check at the start of the exam and the students are then required to complete a 360 degree scan their desk and room surroundings before the exam commences. The proctor will monitor the student through the webcam and may request the students at regular intervals to scan around their desk and the room again to ensure they are still in exam conditions.

Unfortunately, students who get disconnected or cannot connect with their proctor will have to apply for an Exam Deferral to the next available sitting.

Your exam paper will stipulate if your submission is to be typed or handwritten. If your lecturer has requested a typed submission, you will need to type your answers into the textbox in Moodle.

If your lecturer requests a handwritten submission, then you will have to scan and upload your submission to the answer space on your exam quiz in Moodle.

There are some help videos available for you to watch prior to your exam to guide you through the process. There will be time allocated to the exam time for scanning and uploading.

Please note it is the student’s responsibility to manage this time to ensure they do not run out of time as this will then count as a non-submission.

As we have limited capacity for proctoring, proctoring will only be offered to students that are living outside of Ireland/Northern Ireland and for students with extenuating circumstances. You can submit proof of either in the form. Filling in this form does not guarantee you will be granted a proctored exam.


Please fill in this form to apply for your exam(s) to be proctored online. Please note this form will be live on July 17th at 12 noon GMT and will close on July 31st at 12 noon GMT.


Please be aware that there is a fee for using the proctoring service and these rates are below. The system will calculate the total based on the exam duration.

$18 first hour

$10 for every additional hour

$5 for cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment time

The system will allow the candidates to pay in Euros.


You will book your appointment on the Examity portal which you will access via the Online Exams Moodle page.  There is a fee for the service of online proctoring which is payable by the student to Examity.  You will be requested to pay this on scheduling of your exam appointment.

You must create a profile and then book your appointment. Please note that you must book your appointment at least 24 hours before the exam. You have a choice of booking two slots. One 30 minutes before the exam starts and one as the exam starts. You will always be given the full duration of the exam to complete your paper.

Please note you cannot enter an exam after an hour of the exam beginning as per our exam regulations.

Please click here for Examinations Timetable and Examination Procedures:

Online Invigilation/Proctoring

New online exams procedure