Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

New Academic Year

Some pointers for the new academic year.


In order to be prevent the spread of COVID each of us has to take personal responsibility for our own and others safety.  This means we will need to adhere to the Public health guidelines on and off campus.

Please complete the COVID unit of Learning on Moodle. I know many of you have at this stage, and I would like to thank each one of you as this is the first step in keeping the campus a safe place for all of us.  Can I ask those who have not completed it to date, to do so as soon as possible? 

All students have to wear face covering at all time on campus and you will be asked to leave the class/ lab work etc if you are not wearing a face covering or the required PPE for the activity you are engaged in.  

Please sanitise your hands at every opportunity.  Always sanitise your hands before going into a class.  Do not share pens etc. Please cover your mouth if sneezing/ coughing etc and please try not to congregate in groups on the campus.


Please clean the area you are working on before after your use. This also includes computer key boards. There will be cleaning material available for you on campus.


For contract tracing purposes we are obliged to record student attendance  at each session whilst on campus.  Your lecturer will check your attendance.  I would advise you also to keep a note of your movements on campus and your contacts yourself.   Please store this information carefully for 4 weeks as it may be needed for contact tracing purposes.


Please familiarise yourself with the Student Portal as it will answer virtually every question you may have from exams to student supports to clubs and societies etc.   It also has a very comprehensive student guide which you should take time to read through.


To comply with the Health & Safety guidance we are not opening the admissions desk for queries at the moment in order to prevent students gathering in queues. We will therefore deal with your queries online. Student Queries ( registration/ fees/ forms/ letters/grant) should be directed to , examinations queries to  IT queries to

If your issue does not get resolved in this manner you can book to make an appointment with the relevant person.


The library is open but operating at a reduced capacity. You need to book to use the library.


Student health is operating  and are providing students will a full service. Please familiarise yourself on their advice in relation to contacting them, and what to do if you experience symptoms of COVID-19.


Counselling will be both on campus face to face and virtually.  Students can e-mail the student counsellors with their telephone number and Student ID number and they will get back to them.


 As per our Student Charter  & Code of Conduct,  you are expected to behave in manner that protects your health & the health and safety of others and behave in a manner that respect others and the community.   I wish to advise you that if you are found to be in breach of the public health guidelines in a manner that puts others health and wellbeing at risk, it will be treated as a disciplinary  manner.

We will be monitoring closely the reactivation of on campus teaching and will advise you if any modifications are required.  


We look forward to welcoming you on campus for the new academic year 2021/22.

Additional information regarding your on-campus attendance to assist you in planning your accommodation/ travel arrangements is now available.

The information below details our current intentions for semester 1 but please be aware that these may need to change if the Public Health Guidance changes.  Please note that lectures/ labs will chiefly be scheduled Monday to Thursday until 6 and Monday to Friday until 5.

A small number of programmes have scheduled classes after 6 pm. Timetables will be reviewed by the respective Departments prior to being finalised and issued. We will review the quantum of on-campus learning after the first 6 weeks with the intention of adjusting the quantum upwards if the Public Health guidelines at that time permit it.  We may need to schedule lectures after 6 pm to facilitate increased on-campus attendance in a safe manner.

Students on programmes in the Faculty of Business and Social Science should expect to be on campus 4-5 days per week as their programmes will be chiefly on campus. Please note we will phase in the commencement of on-campus attendance and it may be 3 weeks before all programmes of the Faculty are on campus.

Students of YAADA will have their programmes essentially all delivered on campus. This includes programmes such as Architecture, Writing & Literature; Art & Design etc.

Students on Computing & Electronics programmes will have 3-5 days on-campus labs/teaching.

Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering will have a combination of remote lectures and on-campus practical 3-4 days per week.

Students studying Mechatronic Engineering will have a mixture of both remote and on-campus activities with on-campus activity 3 days per week.

Civil and Construction Engineering programmes will have workshops/ labs on campus and will be on campus an average of 2-3 days per week.

Students on the Quantity Surveying programmes should plan for 2 days on campus per week.

Faculty of Science:  Students will have on-campus /Labs/tutorials/ Practical’s workshops 2-3 days per week and lectures remotely.  Some labs will operate at 50% student capacity initially. The timetable will provide you with exact specifics.

The success of the return to campus will depend on all of us taking personal responsibility for our behaviour both on and off-campus. I would strongly recommend that you avail of the opportunity to receive a vaccine in order to protect yourself, your peers, staff of the Institute and the wider community of Sligo.

You will be advised of the public health measures being put in place for the next academic year closer to the beginning of teaching.