Live Demos

The Kite demo trolley can be used to transmit the screen of any specialist configured PC, to give an online demonstration of lab equipment.
No software needs to be installed on the specialist lab PC.
The specialist PC does not need to be on the same network as the Kite demo trolley PC.
All the online demonstration software is already configured on the Kite demo trolley PC.

If you would like to use the Kite demo trolley PC for an online class please Contact Us.

Instructions on connecting and using the Kite demo trolley are available on the  “Kite Project Remote Labs” Moodle page on: -> Students -> Moodle -> Login as a Guest -> All courses… -> Search courses (bottom of page) -> “Kite” -> Go -> KITE Project Remote Labs (  click “Login as a guest” button there ).


use this direct link to “Usage Instructions for Kite online demo trolley“.