President’s Bursary Awards 2013

President’s Bursary Awards 2013

IT Sligo President’s Bursary Fund Applications are invited for the fifth round of the President’s Bursary Fund. There will be up to six awards in this round.

 The bursaries will have three elements:

  1. A maintenance grant of €7,500 p.a.
  2. Tuition fees (currently €1,569 p.a.) will be paid by the Institute for all holders of student bursaries.  Students are required to pay their registration fee.  The registration fee for 2013-2014 is €2,500 p.a.
  3. A recurrent budget may be assigned on the basis of need, to a maximum of €4k per postgraduate p.a.  All proposed recurrent expenditure must be identified and approved by normal processes. 

Please click on the link below for full details regarding the Bursary Awards 2013

IT Sligo President’s Bursary Fund

President’s Bursary – Application Form

Ref Project Title Supervisor
1 Developing mitochondrial markers for athletic performance, optimal training and recovery regimens Dr. James Murphy 
2 Social pedagogy in Ireland and Scotland:  Concepts, opportunities and constraints Dr. Mark Taylor 
3 Assessment of the status of an invasive aquatic weed, Lagarosiphon major, in Lough Corrib using new technologies  Dr. Frances Lucy
4 The use of an optical fibre sensing structure based on a palladium alloy for the design of a robust hydrogen sensor  Dr. Cian Taylor
5 Coding theory and software for WBANs and portable diagnostic equipment  Dr. Leo Creedon
6 Its free; why not? A study of non-participation of children in the Free Pre-School year in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) programme  Dr. Breda McTaggart
7 The role of serine proteases in basidiomycete fruiting body development and nutrient acquisition from humic-rich environments  Dr. Mary Heneghan
8 Mirror therapy and treadmill training for enhancing motor function after stroke  Dr. Ken Monaghan
9 Physical activity programmes for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients**Alternative funding for this project, details available on request Eimear Donlon