IT Services maintain, develop and research information communications technologies and facilities across campus. These include:

  • management Information systems
  • networks
  • server technologies
  • VoIP
  • multimedia

We also provide desktop hardware and software support to staff and students. Although most of our work is completed behind the scenes our IT facilities are constantly upgraded in line with a rapidly changing technological world. Our modern learning environment ensures students and staff have the necessary infrastructure to learn the skills needed for today’s’ work environment. Facilities are fully networked across campus with wireless access provided in all areas.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Computer Hardware and Software Purchasing and Installation
  • Technical Support
  • Network Services
  • MIS (Management Information Systems)
  • Multimedia
  • Education Technology Development
  • Web Development
  • Telephony / VoIP
  • Printing and photocopying services

For students seeking technical support, please go to the following page, Student Technical Support

For staff that require technical assistance or help, submit a request via the helpdesk. Login to helpdesk here.