Cellular Health & Toxicology Research Group


The CHAT group is a “recognised research group” within the Institute of Technology Sligo, with 70m2 of dedicated lab space located in the Institute’s Innovation Centre. There are 6 principal investigators in the group (as of Q4 2019) actively researching in a range of areas through building on existing research strengths and through innovative cross-disciplinary approaches.

The following list illustrates the existing key strengths of the PIs and areas in which they are engaged in research:

  1. 1. Radiation Biology
  2. 2. Mitochondrial Biology
  3. 3. Biomarker development
  4. 4. Novel drug evaluation
  5. 5. Novel cancer target discovery
  6. 6. Monoclonal Antibody Technology
  7. 7. Natural product drug discovery, including nutraceutical characterisation
  8. 8. Food for Health research
  9. 9. Biosurfactant research
  10. 10. Advanced analytical techniques research
  11. 11. Parasitology research
  12. 12. Nanotoxicology biocompatibility testing
  13. 13. Microbiology research
  14. 14. Reactive oxygen species

For further information on PIs within the group, please click on their name below

Dr James Murphy

Dr Thomas Smyth

Dr Elizabeth Carroll

Dr Mary Garvey

Dr Anne Marie Larkin

Dr Valeria Graceffa

The group wishes to acknowledge past and present funding from the following sources: