Sustainable Development Indicators

Project Title: Development and Testing of Sustainable Development Indicators For Sludge Management (at a Local /Regional Level).

Student: Magnus Amajirionwu

Supervisor: Noel Connaughton and Dr. Brian McCann

Funding Body: Higher Education Authority



A research study is proposed, to examine the development and testing of Sustainable Development Indicators for sludge management in Ireland

Sludge management deals with many complex technical issues and involves many stakeholders, often with conflicting interests. There are insufficient basic data available to properly manage the sludge issue, and even where data are available, they tend to be quite technical and geared towards the scientific community.

What is required is information (as distinct from data) that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders, which they can understand and use. It is proposed to provide this information by developing Sustainable Development Indicators (SDIs) similar to the indexes such as GNP and ISEQ used to explain economic and financial information.

The objective of this project is to develop and test a set of SDIs for sludge management that are suitable for use at a local/regional level.

A draft methodology has been postulated which will be used as an initial framework for the project but which may be modified as the project progresses. It involves identifying the various stakeholders and their main concerns in relation to sludge management issues, identifying the data requirements to address their concerns and ascertaining the availability and resource implications of generating/collecting the data.

A draft set of SDIs will be agreed in consultation with the stakeholders. The necessary data will be collected for a particular (pilot) region based on the resources available. A detailed report will be prepared to facilitate an assessment of the SDIs and the methodology by the stakeholders.

This project involved direct collaboration with Dr. Richard Moles of the University of Limerick.