Mathematical Modelling and Intelligent Systems for Health and Environment

The development of advanced sensing systems and mathematical modelling techniques are key to tackling many urgent societal and health challenges from a local to a global scale. Sensing, data, and mathematical and computational models and analytical tools can play a huge role in effective decision making in almost every sector – from discovering new materials for a cleaner society, to designing novel medical devices and diagnostic systems, to planning a sustainable and inclusive society – including the future of our transport, land use and energy systems.

The vision of the MISHE SRC is to be a focal point for research and advancement in mathematical modelling and intelligent systems in the West/North West region of Ireland, to engage with regional stakeholders in addressing local challenges whilst collaborating with excellent national and international research groups on global solutions.

The MISHE SRC is inherently multidisciplinary, bringing together Principal Investigators from Engineering, Science and Social Science to work together on the application of modelling and intelligent systems to challenges including: sustainable transport and tourism in the region, coastal climate resilience, design and optimisation of novel materials for clean energy production and medical devices; and biological modelling and informatics to support faster diagnostics and improved therapeutic developments in tandem with clinicians and health researchers in the region. 

The Team


Dr Marion McAfee

Research Interests: Dynamical Systems and Control, Intelligent Sensing


Dr Leo Creedon 

Research Interests: Abstract algebra, Mathematical Modelling, Mathematical Biology

Principal Investigator

Dr Akinlolu Akande

Research Interests: Discovering novel materials from first principles and Machine Learning for energy application

Principal Investigator

Dr Muhammad Mahmood Ali

Research Interests: Applied industrial statistics, process optimisation, Statistical process control, experimental design, simulation modelling and machine learning.

Principal Investigator

Dr John Donovan

Research Interests: Applied industrial statistics, process optimisation, Statistical process control, experimental design, simulation modelling and machine learning.

Principal Investigator

Dr Salem Gharbia

Research Interests: Modelling dynamical temporal groundwater vulnerability using satellite scatterometer observations, AI and land-use statistical-based models. Spatial Conceptual Modelling. Developing self-calibrating algorithms for smart environmental monitoring systems

Principal Investigator

Dr Valeria Graceffa

Research Interests: Tissue Engineering, biomaterials, cell biology

Principal Investigator

Dr James Hanrahan

Research Interests: Sustainable destination management, Tourism and Bio-security, Tourism planning and development, Tourism education, Ecotourism certification, Visitor generated content, Sustainable event management, Tourism and technology

Principal Investigator

Dr Donny Hurley

Research Interests: Mathematics: Vertex Operator Algebras, Error-correcting codes. Computing: AI, Computational Creativity

Principal Investigator

Dr Umar Khan

Research Interests: Materials Science and Engineering, nano materials and composites

Principal Investigator

Dr Ioannis Manolakis

Research Interests: Polymers, composites, biobased & bio-inspired materials, antifouling coatings, medical devices

Principal Investigator

Dr Douglas Marques;

Research Interests: Materials Science, Polymer Processing, Additive Manufacturing, Tissue Engineering, Medical Devices, Finite Element Analysis

Principal Investigator

Dr David Mulligan

Research Interests: Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, SME Management, Innovation management, Knowledge management, Engineering materials, Learning and Education

Principal Investigator

Dr Konrad Mulrennan

Research Interests: Computational Modelling; Intelligent Sensing; Energy Modelling; AI and Machine Learning; Data Science; Predictive Modelling

Principal Investigator

Dr Ruth Quinn 

Research interests: community water management, rainwater harvesting, sustainable drainage systems and performance evaluation of nature-based solutions

Principal Investigator

Dr Saritha Unnikrishnan

Research Interests: Explainable deep AI, computer vision and smart sensor integration for digital health applications

Principal Investigator

Dr Gerard McGranaghan

Research Interests: Numerical Modelling & Cutting Simulation, Damage Mechanics, Industry 4.0, Manufacturing Sustainability, 

Principal Investigator

Dr Nina Snigireva

Research Interests: Attractors, semiattractors and invariant measures; n-homogeneous polynomials and holomorphic functions on Banach lattices; Dynamical systems 

Principal Investigator

Dr Jamie Roche

Research Interests: Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Data Science; Predictive Modelling; Intelligent Sensing; Robotics; Multi-Agent Systems with application to Intelligent Mobility, Path Planning and Sports Analytics.


Staff Researcher

Dr Kieran Hughes

Research Interests: Applications of derivations of group algebras, mathematical modelling of environmental sensors, and mathematical modelling of the bovine reproductive system

Staff researcher 

Barry  Brennan

Research Interests: Chemical analysis, material surfaces, metrology, 2D materials, nanocomposites

Staff researcher 

Ramen Ghosh

Research Interests: data-driven dynamical systems, applied mathematics and probability theory

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr lulia Anton

Research Interests: Coastal Engineering, Climate Change, Wave and Wind Energy, Environmental Modelling, Coastal Modelling, Decarbonisation Energy Systems, Mathematical Modelling, Data Analysis

Principal Investigator:

Dr DineshBabu Duraibabu

Research Interests: Automation & Robotics, Industrial Robotics, Underwater & aerial sensing, Optical Sensors, Sensor fusion and Path planning and Intelligent sensing.

Postdoctoral Researcher:

Dr David Obada

Research Interests: 

Advanced Materials, Fracture Mechanics, and Condensed Matter Physics

PHD Student

Nimra Munir

Project Title: On-line prediction of product quality in manufacturing of personalised drug delivery devices

PHD Student

Albert Weinert

Project Title: Condition Monitoring of Additively Manufactured Injection Mould tools for precision medical device manufacturing

PHD Student

Zainab Saleem

Project Title: Obstacle Detection and Collision Avoidance for Autonomous Cobot Operation in Dynamic Environments

PHD Student

Arghadyuti Banerjee

Project Title: Tracking dynamic time-dependent groundwater vulnerability using satellite scatterometer observations and land-use stochastic models

PHD Student

Tasneem Ahmed

Project Title: Enhancing climate resilience in European coastal cities: A multi-method approach

PHD Student

Mahmoud Tahmesabi

Project Title: Modelling and Control of a Light Electric Vehicle for Zero Emission Mobility as a Service

PHD Student:

Khurram Riaz

Project Title:Management of Coastal City Climate Resilience via GIS-based Digital Twin


PHD Student

Hamail Ayaz

Project Title: Deep Learning for early diagnosis and classification of Tumors from radiographic images

PHD Student

Simeon Abolade 

Project Title: Photovoltaic and Photocatalytic performance study on Bismuth-chalcogenides using first-principles

PHD Student :

Mandana Kariminejad:

Project Title: Wireless sensing and control of injection moulding for medical device manufacturing

PHD Student :

Ismaila Abimbola:

Project Title: The use of low-cost sensors for monitoring and modelling dynamical temporal microplastic pollution in freshwater

PHD Student

Nanshin Nansak

Project Title: Cellular Automata modelling of bioresorbable polymer/magnesium tissue scaffolds.

PHD Student

Babak Ziaie

Project Title: Design and development of advanced porous implants through topology optimization and additive manufacturing

PHD Student

Babatunde Akinpelu

Project Title: Material design with machine leaning and soft computing

PHD Student

Fearghus Downes

Project Title: Mathematical Modelling of Bovine Reproduction