Cycling Facilities

The following cycling facilities are available on campus:

Room H0023, Unisex Shower/Changing Facility:

This room is located on the lower ground floor of the Student Centre, Building H and directly accessible from the outside. The room comprises five shower stalls, sixty heated and ventilated lockers, hair dryers, hand wash facility and mirrors.

Room H0023, Internal Lockers:

There are sixty lockers provided to store and air clothing and personal belongings pursuant to the activity of cycling. Please note that these are not provided or intended for general use. A €1 coin must be inserted in order to secure the locker and enable the key to be removed. The €1 coin is refunded when the key is replaced and locker opened.

External Bicycle Shelters:

These shelters are located at Blocks B, D, E, G, H, L and P providing means to lock bikes in a secure manner.

External Lockers Contained in Shelters:

There are currently banks of external lockers located at each of the following bicycle shelters B, D, G, H, L & P. These lockers are operated as per the internal lockers in H0023.

External Bicycle Lockers:

There are secure external bicycle lockers located at Blocks D, H, L and P. These are intended for use by people with high value bikes, to allow them to lock the bike in separate enclosures. These lockers are available on a first come first serve basis. It is required that users have their own padlocks for these.

Bicycle Repair Stations:

There are currently four bicycle repair stations adjacent to the bicycle shelters at B, E, G and L. They contain a bicycle pump and a set of common tools to allow basic maintenance and to assist ith puncture repairs.

Download Cycling Facility Procedure