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ATU Sligo has built strong relationships with companies across industry sectors. Many of our faculty and professional staff come from industry backgrounds and we encourage staff to cultivate strong industry engagement and connections so that our teaching remains current with industry needs and future trends.

How ATU Sligo Works with Industry to Support their Needs

We have several groups that are in place solely to support the needs of Industry.

The support we provide includes upskilling company staff, supporting them in recruitment, briefing events on developments in markets and technology, and directly supporting companies in developing and testing new solutions to challenges that they face, tailored to their needs.

The Precision Engineering and Manufacturing (PEM) Technology Gateway

PEM is one of 16 Enterprise Ireland funded Gateways hosted in Technological Universities/Institutes of Technology.

The PEM Gateway has built on ATU Sligo’s strength and history as the National Training Centre for Toolmakers in Ireland and has developed that expertise in:

  • Precision engineering, design for manufacture (DFM)
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials science
  • Micro-machining
  • Polymer processing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • General manufacturing process control and
  • Statistical process analysis

PEM works with companies, across a range of sectors on projects that help solve technical challenges they are experiencing or innovations they want to exploit.

They provide technology solutions that allow companies to develop new products, processes & services by leveraging the research expertise available to us through the ATU Sligo.


ATU Sligo Contract Research Unit

The ATU Sligo Contract Research Unit (CRU) has extensive experience in supporting industry Research, Development and Innovation.

The ATU Sligo CRU as part of the Research Office, has been providing research, development and innovation support to regional enterprises, communities, and individuals for over 8 years.  

Key focus areas include design assistance for new or improved products or processes, analysis, optimisation of resources and sustainability.

The CRU has provided support through:

Enterprise Ireland, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), European Territorial Cooperation (ETC)(Interreg), InterTrade Ireland, Local Enterprise Office (LEO) and LEADER etc.  

We offer 

  • Advice on funding initiatives available 
  • Assistance with funding applications 
  • Providing or sourcing the technical skills to develop your project 

Key focus areas 

  • Design assistance for new or improved products or processes 
  • Analysis and optimisation of resource, energy & waste streams
  • Innovative Waste reduction/recycling systems 
  • Renewable energy and sustainable technologies 
  • CAD Design and 3D prototyping


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Industry Cluster Development

Industry clusters are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland but the concept of clustering is well established in Europe, NA Canada and Australia.

Companies in industry clusters are 25% more productive than companies not in clusters, they have higher growth rates and innovation is higher in cluster companies.

IT Sligo is at the forefront of helping Industry clusters to develop and our Industry Outreach Manager is focussed on the development of Industry clustering in our region. We are driving the development of one of 12 Enterprise Ireland funded regional clusters.

The Border Region Manufacturing cluster initiated in July 2021. Membership is growing and Initial focus areas are 

  1. Talent attraction and retention
  2. Innovation
  3. Internationalisation
Border cluster

Research Centres

There are several Research Centres in the ATU Sligo:

  •  Precision, Engineering, Materials & Manufacturing (PEM)
  • Centre for Environmental Research, Innovation & Sustainability (CERIS)
  • Centre for Research in Social Professions (CRISP)
  • Mathematical Modelling & Intelligent Systems for Science & Health (MISHE)
  • Health & Biomedical Research Centre (HEAL)

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The PEM Technology Gateway and the ATU Sligo CRU can help you navigate the many funding mechanisms that may be open to companies to assist in research and innovation projects.


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Contact us if you have any queries on Industry Engagement. 

 Vice President of Research, Innovation and Engagement, Chris O'Malley

Chris O’Malley

VP Research, Innovation and Engagement


Ph: 071 9155289

Russell Macpherson

Russell Macpherson

PEM Technology Gateway Manager


Mob: +353 (0)86 057 7317


Mel Gavin, Research

Mel Gavin

Contract Research Unit Coordinator


Ph: 071 9305825


Finola Howe, Industry Engagement & Industry cluster developmentFinola Howe

Industry Outreach Manager


Ph: 087 3671763


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