Research Projects

Bonnie Chan

Current Research Masters Student

Development of an automated ergonomics detection and alert system

Some occupations, such as surgeons and their assistants, require completing fine movements under a microscope for long periods of work time. This type of situation puts individuals at risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and other ergonomics risks. Research suggests that injuries are primarily caused by bad ergonomic posture over long durations of time. The development of a work duration and posture monitor would assist in limiting over-work time as well as encourage good ergonomic posture during work time. The automated system is primarily based on sensorization of the work environment. This will limit the effects on the work process and tasks. The results of this research can aid in limiting the risk associated with day-to-work of surgeons and those in occupations with similar environments.


• IT Sligo Postgraduate Conference 2018
• IMC 35 Conference at DIT (Bolton St)


Irish Manufacturing Research Ltd. (IMR)