Mrs Geraldine Gorman

Jt Part-Time Assistant Lecturer



As an Assistant Lecturer at Atlantic Technological University, I combine my extensive finance background with my passion for teaching and learning. I have over 20+ years of experience in various senior accounting roles, leading teams and delivering results in diverse sectors such as hospitality, construction, and IT. I have also been an online tutor for Accounting Technicians Ireland for many years.

In addition to my teaching role, I obtained my PhD at Lancaster University, exploring the perceived experiences of preparing accounting students with digital skills for the workplace. I am interested in how IT technologies can enhance learning outcomes and address the challenges of AI in accounting. I am open to research opportunities and collaborations in this or any related educational field, particularly in areas that address student voice.

Modules Taught

  Term (ID)) Title Link Subject
202000 Introduction to Financial Management 27478
202000 Entrepreneurship & Financial Mgt 330702
202000 Auditing 1 + 2 26908Auditing 1 + 2
202000 Financial Management 43745