Mr Gerry Mc Morrow

Jt Mis Project Manager



Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Managing  and supporting the MIS Programme at the Institute of Technology Sligo, comprising of the following MIS systems,
    • Banner, the Student System, built on Oracle 11g.
    • Core,the HR/Payroll System, built on Oracle 10g.
    • Agresso, the Finance System, built on Oracle 11g.
    • Syllabus Plus  the Timetabling System, built on SQL Server 2008
  1. Managing and supporting the integration of MIS systems with Institute applications and systems including;
    1. Microsoft Active Directory.
    2. The Millennium Library System.
    3. Microsoft Exchange email system.
    4. Student ID card System.
  2. Managing the MIS Function and Helpdesk including prioritisation and allocation of duties within the MIS team.
  3. Developing Business Intelligence reports for management from the Student System Banner, the HR System Core, the Finance System Agresso  and  the HEA SRS system by using a variety of standard BI tools such as;
    1. Toad.
    2. SQL Plus.
    3. Oracle Discoverer.
    4. Oracle Business Intelligence
    5. Microsoft Office Products
    6. Chrystal Reports
  4. Preparing and submitting Statutory returns for the Institute,  such the HEA return, the Social Welfare return, the CAO return, when required.
  5.  Ensuring that outputs from the MIS systems, either electronic or paper, adheres to Data Protection guidelines.
  6.  Managing upgrades to the MIS Systems as required.
  7.  Managing and supporting the implementation of add-on modules to the MIS Systems including;
    1.  Online Admissions.
    2.  Curriculum Assessment and Programme Planning.
    3.  Online Registration.
    4.  Online Payments.
  8.  Implementing ancillary projects as required by the Institute from time to time, including;
    1.  Academic Module Manager, build on MySQL and Perl.
    2.  Campus CRM, built on MySQL and Perl.
    3.  The Staff Portal , built on SharePoint 2010.
    4.  Student ID Photo Upload system, built on MySQL and PHP. test