MS Marie Moran

Jt Head of Dept of Business



In my role as Head of Department of Business, I lead academic programme development and management, with oversight of all aspects of QA and student experience. I previously held the role of Assistant Registrar in IT Sligo, with responsibility for Institute quality assurance and enhancements. I have extensive lecturing experience in higher education, with a focus on strategic management, leadership, small business development and community engagement. I have held consultancy roles in project management, with experience of managing international collaborations and cross-disciplinary partnerships. I am actively engaged in research into persistence and retention in higher education in Ireland, with a focus on the Institute of Technology sector. I am completing a Doctorate in Education in Trinity College Dublin and have been able to incorporate my research into practice, to inform programme design which supports student engagement and learning. Prior to working in education, I held project management, marketing and business development roles in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in the UK.