Screening for Dyslexia

There are many definitions of dyslexia, a very simple one would be that dyslexia is a specific learning difficulty which makes it difficult for some people to learn to read, write and spell correctly

If you suspect you have dyslexia, screening can be arranged at ATU Sligo by making an appointment with the Leaning Support Tutor.  The dyslexia screening will show if the student has indicators of dyslexia and will also show the student’s individual educational strengths and weaknesses.  

It consists of two short tests:

  1. LADS (Lucid Adult Dyslexia Screening)
  2. DAST (Dyslexia Adult Screening Test)

On the basis of the results of these two tests, the learning support tutor will recommend if it’s advisable that the student should get a full psycho-educational assessment from an educational psychologist.

Students chatting with a cup of coffee

For more information or to arrange an appointment, please contact:

Learning Support Tutor

Andrea Rynn

+353 (0) 719305400


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