The Registrar’s function has oversight over the entire student journey from recruitment to conferring. It supports both students and staff on this journey through its activities. In the following presentation I will provide you with an overview of the activities and persons of the function in the academic year 2020/21.

Watch a presentation by Dr. Michele Glacken, VP for Academic Affairs and Registrar’s function, providing an overview of the Registrars function at IT Sligo 

  • recruitment, admissions, registration and examination processes for all students
  • the Academic Council and its Committees including Academic Quality Assurance, Apprentice Education
  • Student Support Services, including Access and Learning Support Services, Health and Counselling Services, Chaplaincy
  • the library and related learning resources activities
  • development of, and support for research
  • the provision of staff training seminars and workshops to introduce emerging learning and teaching practices into the curriculum
  • the Institute’s academic quality enhancement programme for all Higher and Further education programmes and oversees the academic quality review processes at different levels within the Institute
  • academic policy formulation and educational development, including implementing, reviewing and up-dating academic policies such as the Academic Quality Assurance Manual and the Institute’s Marks and Standards regulations
  • national and international HE quality networks and agencies, manages the implementation of the Bologna process
  • academic partnerships with external institutions and providers of education
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