Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronic Systems

  • NFQ Level 7
  • Points Required NEW*
  • Course Code SG335
  • Award Ordinary Bachelor Degree Abinitio
  • Duration 3

Course Summary

Would you prefer to be working or building things than sitting in a classroom?

Do you see yourself as a problem solver?

Would you like to have an income as you go through college?

Well maybe you should consider a degree in Mechatronic Engineering!  And maybe a work-based course might be the best way to learn!

Mechatronics is the combination of mechanics, electronics, robotics and computing that is used in modern engineering industries. It involves the study of automation from an engineering perspective and serves the purpose of controlling advanced hybrid systems in business and industry.

In this work-based version of our campus course, you will spend three days a week in the workplace and two days a week studying online from ATU Sligo, Ireland's largest and most experienced institute in online learning.

You will learn how to analyse, design, and control the type of machines and processes that are used, for example, in biomedical, automotive manufacture and high-speed automation. As a Mechatronic Systems graduate you will be equally at home in the mechanical or electronic domain and will be a specialist in interfacing computer-controlled systems.

This "work-based" version of our highly popular campus programme will also give you a huge amount of work experience and exposure to real-world problems making you a highly valued employee to any manufacturing employer.

For more details, why not view the video above. 

Please note that for entry onto this course you must be offered a traineeship position with a suitable employer.  We have interested employers all over Ireland but to organise an interview with an employer in your area you  must contact us using this form: 

Leaving Certificate students should apply through the CAO system, however if you are a mature student already working with a suitable employer, please contact us directly using the above form and we should be able to separately accept your application for a place on the course.


This programme is a full-time, level 7, work-based course in Mechatronic Systems Engineering where students will be placed in the workplace for three years working for three days per week and studying online for 2 days.

Applicants are required to be offered a three year traineeship position with a suitable employer to be accepted on to this course. If you are interested we will help you find a placement with a suitable employer. Simply fill out the online form here and we will be in touch with you to discuss it:  


This new full-time online undergraduate degree programme is “work-based” where the student spends three days a week in the workplace and two days studying online with ATU Sligo, who have been delivering online courses in engineering since 2002.  Because there are specific laboratory and practical learning requirements, students may be required to attend the ATU Sligo campus for up to four days per year. 

However, this may be less as we are constantly working to reduce the need for attendance using online simulations, work-based practical projects and remote access to equipment in ATU Sligo.  Students may also be required to attend an examination centre in Sligo, Dublin or Cork for up to six days per year.  Again, this may be less as we are also developing our capacity to facilitate online exams. 

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO courses at ATU Sligo are available for download below:

The key entry requirement for this course is that the student must be offered a traineeship position with a suitable employer.  If you are interested in joining this programme, ATU Sligo will assist you in finding an employer or working with an employer you have already identified.  If you are interested in this programme, it is very important that you contact us by entering your details on this short "expression of interest" form:  so that we can discuss finding a suitable employer for you.

This course is designed for students who have just, or recently, completed secondary education (under 23 years of age) but also accepts mature learners (23 years of age or older).  A minimum of five grade O6/H7 including Mathematics and  English or Irish in the Leaving Certificate. Additional CAO points will be allocated if the applicant's interview with an employer is successful.

Holders of other secondary school qualifications (in addition to filling out the above form) should contact  Mature students learners (23 years of age or older) who do not have the required qualifications may be accepted through an interview process and should contact . 

The acceptance process for leaving certificate students operates through the CAO system.  To get a place on this programme you must:

  • List the programme SG335 as your first preference on the CAO system.
  • Contact ATU Sligo directly through this form:  (so that we can arrange interviews with local employers)
  • Prepare a CV and send it to us for distribution to local employers when we request it of you by email.

If you have a job offer before the CAO offer date, you may be offered a place on this programme.  If you have not managed to get a job offer you will not receive an offer of a place on this course, but the CAO system will make an offer for your next preference where you have achieved the required points.

Mature students should contact us via the Expression of Interest form to discuss the application process: 

Career Opportunities

The integrated skills developed in this mechatronics course can be applied to a variety of jobs, enabling students to have a very promising career in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, electronics, food processing and manufacturing sectors. Graduates from this degree programme will have the interdisciplinary approach necessary to integrate electronics, control, software and mechanical engineering. 

Further Study

ATU Sligo has a range of other programmes both on-campus and online at level 8 (honours degree) in Mechatronics , Polymer Processing and Quality Management that are available to graduates of this programme.  Graduates will also be automatically eligible for entry to the final year many honours' degree programmes within Ireland.  Honours degree graduates will then be able to proceed to Masters Degrees, many of which are available online including our own exciting Masters in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (driverless cars). 

Did you know?

Did you know...

..that Work-Based Learning will make you more employable?

..that online learning means that you don't have to leave your job to take classes from ATU Sligo?

..that work-based learners learn faster than campus learners?

..that ATU Sligo is Ireland's leading provider of accredited online higher education with more registered online students than any other institutions in the country? 

..that our experience in teaching online since 2002 is now being used to facilitate students who want to get a degree but cannot or do not wish to attend the campus?

..that we use a computerised adaptive system to teach mathematics to our first years meaning that the system adapts to your pace so you are never behind?

Programme Fees

The registration fee for this course is €3,000 per year.  This programme is not covered by the SUSI grant scheme.  However, many employers have indicated their willingness to support students with fees.  ATU Sligo will review applications for financial support to partially fund registration fees for students who would normally be entitled to SUSI grants.