Certificate in Ritual and Meaning in Archaeology (Online)

  • NFQ Level 7
  • Credits 15
  • Course Code
  • Award Special Purpose Award
  • Duration

Course Summary

Have you ever wondered how archaeologists use the material remains of the past to reconstruct human behaviour? 

The Level 7 Certificate in Ritual and Meaning in Archaeology is designed to provide a focused overview of aspects of ritual and interpretative elements concerning sex and sexuality, altered states of consciousness, and music within human cultures, along with archaeological and anthropological approaches to death and the potential of folklore and mythology’s contribution to archaeological enquiry. The combination of the three modules, although differing considerably in content, overlap in terms of examining ritual, beliefs and meaning through time and from different interpretative frameworks.

This is the only online archaeology course of its kind offered in Ireland and will best suit students who have already gained at least a basic introduction to archaeology. This 15-credit course comprises 3 modules, taught completely online over 1 year. These modules include The Archaeology of Death taught in Semester 1 and Folklore, Popular Religion and Traditional Belief in Ireland, and the Prehistory of Sex, Drugs and Music in Semester 2. Semester 1 classes start the week of September 23rd, 2024.

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This certificate course will be delivered by Mr Sam Moore, Dr Marion Dowd and Mr Chris Read.

Key Course Information

Study hours: Whether you are studying part-time online, blended or full-time online, it is very important that you allocate enough study time to your online course to stay focused, reduce stress and achieve your goals. For part-time online or blended learning, it is recommended that you should try to allow for 5-6 hours per week per 5 credit module to your studies.

Live Lectures: Each of the online modules on our Level 7 Ritual and Meaning in Archaeology Special Purpose Award will entail 2 hours of lecturing per week. The live lectures will be recorded and made available on the module Moodle pages, in addition to power points and additional reading material. Students will also be encouraged to ask questions and share information via the Moodle pages. Discussion amongst students is strongly encouraged.

Examinations/Assessments: All three modules will have 2 pieces of assessment, a combination of online Moodle tests and essays. There will be no formal exams.

Application Closing Date : 16th August 2024

Entry Requirements

This course will suit anyone with a desire to deepen their understanding of archaeology and explore how archaeologists actually reconstruct the past.

Students will require an existing Level 6 qualification, or the equivalent in lived experience to secure entry. While not essential, this course will best suit students who already have a basic grounding in archaeology. Please contact the course coordinator, Sam Moore (sam.moore@atu.ie), if you have any questions.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of our Level 7 Certificate in Ritual and Meaning in Archaeology may find work as guides or volunteers in local museums and heritage centres; as guides on OPW sites; as General Operatives or volunteers on research excavations; and as General Operatives or volunteers on commercial excavations.

The course will be of benefit to those who currently work in the national and international tourist market and wish to upskill, including tourist bus drivers/guides, those in cultural heritage tourism, those who run their own tourism companies or heritage centres, and those who working with local community groups on heritage tourism and/or heritage education.

Further Study

Graduates may progress to another Level 6 of Level 7 SPA programme.

The following archaeology programmes are currently offered by ATU Sligo: 
SG_SARCH_S06 , SPA Archaeological Excavation and Post-Excavation  , L6 , ECTS 10 
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SG_SINTR_S06 , SPA Introduction to Irish Archaeology , L6 , ECTS 15 
SG_SPREH_S06 , SPA Prehistoric Archaeology of Ireland and Europe , L6 , ECTS 15 
SG_SIRIS_S06 , SPA Irish Medieval History and Archaeology , L6 , ECTS 15  
SG_SINTR_S07 , SPA Introduction to Archaeological Interpretation , L7 , ECTS 15  
SG_SRITU_S07 , SPA Ritual and Meaning in Archaeology , L7 , ECTS 15
SG_SBUIN_S07 , SPA Buildings Archaeology (Online), L7 , ECTS 15
SG_SBUIM_S07 , SPA Buildings Archaeology (Blended) , L7 , ECTS 15 
For further information, please visit Archaeology at ATU


Programme Fees

Academic Fees 2024/25

Total programme fees: €1650

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If you apply and are approved for an online course at ATU Sligo, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of €250 to secure your place. Your deposit will then be credited against the course fees once you are registered as a student. Students at ATU Sligo are also eligible to claim tax relief at the standard rate for tuition fees.
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Course Format

Certificate in Ritual and Meaning in Archaeology SG_SRITU_S07    
Semester 1 Credits
The Archaeology of Death 5
Semester 2
Folklore, Popular Religion and Traditional Belief in Ireland 5
Prehistory of Sex, Drugs and Music 5