Certificate in Road Safety Audit and Engineering

  • NFQ Level 9
  • Credits 15*
  • Course Code SG_ERSAF_S09
  • Award Special Purpose Award
  • Duration One Semester

Course Summary

This new programme was developed in conjunction with our state industry partners, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), who are responsible for the safe and efficient design and operation of Ireland's National road network and light rail systems.
This qualification is primarily aimed at practicing Road Safety Auditors who have previous road safety audit and design experience and who wish to become an RSA Team Leader. The course is also recommended to those individuals who have an interest in road safety and persons beginning their journey towards becoming a Road Safety Audit trainee or member. 
This Special Purpose Award, at Level 9 in the NFQ, fulfils the academic training that must be achieved to become a RSA Team Leader. (See TII Publication for more information about Road Safety Auditor training and experience requirements). Delivery is on a part-time blended learning basis over 15 weeks. This consists of, on-line lectures and workshops and includes one in-person project workshop. Attendance in-person at this project workshop is compulsory.
The 15 credit programme is made up of a 10 credit and 5 credit module, both of which are delivered over one semester. The delivery of the modules is based on lectures (including asynchronous and tutorial support) delivered live online, and complimented by workshops facilitated by academic staff and external road safety audit experts, for the practical and applied elements of the programme.
One workshop is delivered on-campus at ATU Sligo or other suitable locations by subject matter experts, and will include supervised site visits of road schemes for the demonstration and participation on a group basis of current road safety audit and engineering procedures, collision investigation and analysis and procedural reporting techniques.Another workshop is delivered virtualy.

Download programme flyer here. 

Key Course Information

The objective of this programme is to provide an educational programme in road safety audit and engineering to satisfy the academic requirements of the Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) Certificate of Competence in Road Safety Audit  in order to comply with the EU Road Infrastructure Safety Management Directive. 

TII have a statutory responsibility to ensure road safety engineers in both public and private practice have adequate technical and professional competence by means of an advanced learning programme and sufficient professional experience to function as road safety auditors for both rural and urban road projects.

The EU Directive on Road Infrastructure Safety Management (EU RISM) was transposed into Irish Law through S.I No. 472 of 2011. EU RISM. Road Safety Auditors in Ireland and the European Union must have a CoC to operate professionally as a Road Safety Auditor. Road Safety Auditor training and experience requirements are set out in TII Publication Road Safety Audit GE-STY-01024 (formally HD/15).

This programme will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills  to conduct road safety audits and develop road safety engineering interventions and to meet the academic qualification requirements of the EU RISM. Students who successfully complete this course, and meet the experience set out in GE-STY-01024, can attain the CoC qualification from TII, recognised in Ireland and by other EU states.


Application Closing Date : 16th August 2024

Entry Requirements

The entry requirement for this programme is an honours BEng (Hone) degree (Level 8 on NFQ) in Civil Engineering or equivalent. 

Graduates who have not obtained this minimum may incorporate other equivalent qualifications and relevant work experience and apply for assessment via the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. RPL is a process that may allow you to gain admission to a programme or to receive exemptions / credit from some parts of a programme based on demonstrated learning that you may have achieved through another programme of study or through your work or career. Further information is available through www.atu.ie/recognition-of-prior-learning which our dedicated RPL portal or by contacting our admissions team at admissions.sligo@atu.ie.

Further information:

For private sector applicants contact

Dr. Brian McCann, ATU Sligo, brian.mccann@atu.ie

For public sector applicants (local authority and state body) contact to register your expression of interest:

Dr. Suzanne Meade, TII, suzanne.meade@tii.ie

TII Course Flyer


Career Opportunities

Engineers working for Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) National Road Design Offices (NRDO), and private sector consulting and contracting engineering companies require up-skilling so that the statutory requirement for the completion of road safety audits of all public road schemes is fulfilled.

Graduates from this programme will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Competence in Road Safety Audit from TII and can become an Audit Team Leader once the following conditions are met:

  • They are a Chartered Engineer or equivalent
  • Have at least two years’ experience of collision investigation and remedial measures for public road networks
  • Have taken part in ten road safety audits as a team member.

Programme Fees

Academic Year 2024/25 Fees

Total Programme Fee: €3,000

Local authority and other public body applicants should initially contact TII to determine eligibility for funding.

To help make the payment of fees more manageable for students who are self-funding their studies, tuition fees can be paid through payment instalment plans at ATU Sligo. For further information on instalment plans, please visit our Fees and Funding webpage

If you apply and are approved for an online course at ATU Sligo, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of €250 to secure your place. Your deposit will then be credited against the course fees once you are registered as a student. Students at ATU Sligo are also eligible to claim tax relief at the standard rate for tuition fees.

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If you are seeking to take your exams online, and you meet the eligibility criteria (overseas students and those with extenuating circumstances), an additional examinations fee will apply. For further information, please visit our Examinations webpage