Watch our immensely Successful Science Festival in 2 minutes


Science Week 2017 ran from November 10th-19th 2017.  Watch here to see some of the amazing events that took place:

The Science Festival engaged with an audience in excess of 8000 across the North West region including:

  • Primary Level- People attending events, workshops and talks.
  • Secondary Level– Estimates of people viewing exhibitions.
  • Engagement through media such as newspapers and radio.
  • General Public engagement figures via a Science Fair, The Science Trail,  Exhibitions and Community based events.

Excluding the Science Fair, 37 events in total were delivered with 12 events taking place at IT Sligo, 16 events taking place within Sligo City and 9 events beyond Sligo City boundaries.


  • The furthest school workshop was the ‘Hydrogen Car Challenge’ in Dromore West, Co Sligo, 36km west of IT Sligo.
  • The furthest public event was ‘Zombie Science’ in Boyle King House, Co. Roscommon, 43km south of IT Sligo.
  • The furthest roadshow was ‘James Soper’ in Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim, 39km east of IT Sligo.
  • Furthest distance travelled by a school to attend an event was Glenties Comprehensive School, Co Donegal, 97km north of IT Sligo – who travelled to see Zombie Science in Ballymote Co Sligo. (238km round trip)
  • Furthest distance travelled by the general public was 2 people from Dublin, 208km east of IT Sligo to attend the ‘moonwalking’ event.

The diversity of the programme enabled an increased reach into the community, with the use of arts venues such as the Factory & the Model in Sligo town, The King House in Boyle and The Art Deco Cinema in Ballymote which in turn engaged the arts community. The ‘science trail’ being hosted by 19 city centre shops allowed the science festival to be visible and engaged with by the general public without the need to book or attend an event.

The added strapline of Science Fact versus Science Fiction also allowed the boundaries of delivery to be stretched by introducing items like Nemo le Magician and Professor Richard Wiseman’s Quirkology. Both of these allowed students to explore physical science.

The inclusion of Zombie Science, a spoof lecture exploring the biology behind a theoretical zombie breakout added an entertaining, educational delivery that attracted secondary school 13+ age groups that had been a target of the festival.

The Arcola Energy workshop and Zombie Science show were also delivered to DEIS schools via partnership work with Sligo Leader.

The Festival was co- ordinated by Mr Oli Melia funded through Science Foundation Ireland, and supported by academic, technical and administrative staff across IT Sligo, as well as LEADER, the Irish Science Teacher’s Association and Sligo County Libraries.

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