Conference on Marketing through a recession


IT Sligo marketing presentationMarketing through a recession was the theme at the third annual contemporary marketing conference held recently at IT Sligo.

“Critical to success of Irish brands is differentiation, passion, value and vision. There is a need to be better than your competition, offer the customer more benefits, and have a growth plan” said Dr Catherine McGuinn, who is the marketing programme director. “Brands need to be mechanically better than their international competitors but this uniqueness needs to be matched with drive, ambition and creativity.”

The keynote speaker, Prof. Mary Lambkin of UCD, spoke about the great potential for Ireland and Irish companies to develop through branding. Prof. Lambkin highlighted the positive aspects of Ireland and the need to move away from the negativity that has been permeating reporting in the Irish media in order to drive the brand agenda forward.

Niamh Banks of Avoca spoke about the challenges that Avoca faces in terms of expansion.  The success of Avoca was illustrated, demonstrating the fact that Irish brands can grow and expand in a recession. Avoca is an example of how Irish brands can be distinctive – each Avoca store has a slightly different ambience.

Aoife Porter of Bua Marketing also addressed the conference about the critical need for brands to maximise communication with their customers via social media tools. She spoke on the subject of email campaigns and social networks in particular.

The conference is annual feature of the Master of Science in Marketing programme. Further details on the course are available from and at

Image Caption: Pictured at the conference are Nicola Lacey, Marketing Lecturer at IT Sligo; Prof. Mary Lambkin, UCD; Niamh Banks, Avoca; Dr Catherine McGuinn, Marketing Programme Director and Suzanne Ryan, Marketing Lecturer IT Sligo.