Organ Donation Awareness Week


‘Give Life’, IT Sligo’s Organ Donation Awareness Week runs from 11 to 18 March.  The event is being organised by Public Health and Health Promotion Students.

If you are interested in becoming an Organ Donor there will be available information during the week March on a stand outside the Book Nest, where you can also avail of Organ Donor cards or Organ Donor key rings.  There will also be two representatives to give a brief talk on Organ Donation in the student canteen on Monday 15 March at 1.00pm.  The i-Radio102 team will be on campus on Monday too,  promoting the event.

What is organ transplantation?

Organ transplantation means the removal of an organ from one body and it’s resiting in another body.  Some organs can either be taken from a living person (Living Donor), or from a patient who has died in hospital from some other cause (deceased donor).  The deceased person has usually carried and signed a Donor Card.  More information can be found on the link

Check out the link and join the Facebook page for the Organ Donation in Ireland:!/pages/Organ-Donation-in-Ireland/93630527242?ref=ts

More information can be got on the Irish Kidney website at:

The Irish Kidney Association: Telephone: 01 620 5306 or eMail: