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Alcohol & Drug Use Page

...serious health issues such as cancer, liver, or heart disease. Improved Appearance Alcohol has a high calorie content, therefore regularly drinking alcohol increases your calorie intake. A pint of beer...

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Science Week Lectures on Aliens, DNA & the Brain Post

...Professor Billy O’Connor. Third Image of Dr Lewis Dartnell. Science Week Sunday, November 13 Monday, November 14 Tuesday. November 15 Wednesday, November 16 Thursday, November 17 Friday, November 18 TOPIC...

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‘XTRA-Ordinary’ Events in Store at Science Fair 2013 Post

...Magic or Mystery – watch water disappear and tornadoes appear in bottles. Click here to download brochure   “Exploring Mars – Curiosity, Water and Life” by Dr Peter Grindrod. Despite...

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IT Sligo Lecturer Dr Marion Dowd to feature on RTE’s “The Burren: Heart of Stone” Post

IT Sligo Lecturer Dr Marion Dowd will feature on the RTE Documentary “The Burren: Heart of Stone” this coming Sunday. The two-part epic documentary that took four years to make,...

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Opening times Page

...closed Buildings K & L Monday to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm (Two late openings) Saturdays and Sunday Closed All Buildings: Mondays to Friday 8.30am to 6.00pm Saturdays and Sundays closed...

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Contact Page

...071 9305591 Academic Affairs and Registrar’s Office Dr Michele Glacken Registrar 071-9137312 Dr Aodhmar Cadogan Assistant Registrar 071-9137311 Mr Gerry Hegarty Student Affairs Manager 171 9137298 Mr Jim Foran Librarian...

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IT Sligo Makes Top Ten Ranking in Good University Guide Post

...10 in the 2021 Good University Guide. The ranking reflects our focus on ensuring the highest quality learning experience for our students and our ambitions to become a Technological University...

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Frequently Asked Questions – Online Learning Page

...campus. Some of our online courses require attendance at the ATU Sligo campus or at an alternative site (e.g. NIBRT) for lab days, residentials or workshops. You will be required...

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UDL Page

...promotes inclusivity and equity while also ‘future-proofing’ your teaching. As our classrooms and lecture theatres become increasingly diverse, our practices must also adapt to reflect the changing landscape of higher...

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