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Alternative Maths Exam – Sept 13th 2021 Event

Alternative Maths Exam – 13th September 2021 Don’t worry if your Leaving Cert Maths results didn’t go as planned – our Alternative Maths Exam is taking place on Monday 13th...

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Instructional Strategies Page

...may simply feel like fun, it is rigorous and backed by research, and learning outcomes prove it. This is especially true for underrepresented student groups. Plus, students really enjoy it....

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13th Annual Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference Page

...tourism sector. This year’s conference theme ‘Entrepreneurs driving tourism and hospitality’ will be addressed by the research presentations and key note speakers drawn from academia, industry and the research community....

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...ability to liaise with key research groups”. If you are interested in research and would like to study a Master’s at IT Sligo, please visit: PHOTO CAPTION: Richard O’Boyle...

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Over 60 Companies attend Engineering Cost Saving Seminar at IT, Sligo Post

...learning at ‘Engineering Out Costs’ seminar at Institute of Technology, Sligo today. (Photo Declan Bray) Emer Conroy Marketing & Communications Executive LotusWorks Phone: +353 (086) 8575194 Email: Website:

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Conference on Irish Political Reform Post

A half day conference entitled ‘Women and Men in Irish Politics – let’s re-imagine Irish Political Culture’ will be held at IT Sligo next Friday, February 11th. Guest speakers at...

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Research project focuses on Aran Island Conservation Post

...West. HNV farming, so vital in protecting areas like the Burren, protects biodiversity by, for example, using low density farming methods. The researchers, who have already identified a study area...

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Online Applications Page

...the first one paid by 30th September and second by 31st January. Places are limited, so please apply early. Springboard+ The springboard+ upskilling initiative in higher education offers free courses...

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Failed Leaving Cert Maths? IT Sligo Can Help! Post

...before now, they can choose from a range of courses on Vacant Places which will be advertised on from Monday the 20th of August. Students who have already applied...

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