Research Projects

Babatunde Akinpelu

Current PhD Student

Material design with machine leaning and soft computing

Research Project Summary:

The problems of ever-rising global energy consumption, rapidly decreasing availability of fossil fuels, increasing levels of pollution and global warming all require solutions that aresustainable, clean and renewable. The breadth and complexity of these problems necessitates a multidisciplinary response involving expertise in areas as diverse as Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Nanotechnology.

Over recent decades, each of these disciplines have developed significant data repositories that contain a wealth of information that can potentially be mined, combined, orchestrated and exploited to yield knowledge and insights. The objective of this project is to exploit advances in machine learning and soft computing to analyse, mine and extract information from material and life science databases and then apply this knowledge to create practical solutions to problems.


Popoola, A. I., & Akinpelu, S. B. (2021). Numerical Investigation of the Stability and Spintronic Properties of Selected Quaternary Alloys. European Journal of Applied Physics, 3(4), 6-12.

Joseph S. Ojo, Chinedu K. Ijomah, Shittu B. Akinpelu, “Artificial Neural Networks for Earth-Space Link Applications: A Prediction Approach and Inter-comparison of Rain-influenced Attenuation Models”, International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications(IJISA), Vol.14, No.5, pp.47-58, 2022. DOI:10.5815/ijisa.2022.05.05


AKINPELU S.B., Ogunjo S.T., Fuwape I.A., Oluyamo S.S. Dynamics behaviour of radio refractivity in Akure, southwestern Nigeria. In URSI-NG conference proceedings (2015) pp 103-107

Akinpelu S. Babatunde, Adewumi I. Popoola and Agboola B. Samuel. Spintronic Property of NbRhGeX (X=Cr, Mn, Co, Fe, Ni): A Numerical Investigation. Poster session presented at: American Physical Society March meeting. US-Africa Initiative in Electronic Structure. 2021 March 14-19; Washington , DC, USA.