Research Projects

Connell Boal

Current PhD Student

The Development of novel technology to combat antibiotic resistance in medical application and in the environment

Research Project Summary:

The goal of this research project is to come up with novel ways to treat antibiotic resistant infections without the use of conventional antibiotics. The aim of the project is to discover novel treatment options which do not rely on the use of antibiotics. This is carried out through the use of novel antimicrobial coatings which do not induce antibiotic resistance.


I have a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from NUIG and am currently full time employed with a pharmaceutical spin out company from IT Sligo called Nektr technologies. I have been working with Nektr for over 5 years now having entered as a project engineer, then promoted to project manager after 2 years and then chief project officer 3.5 years after starting work with Nektr. I completed my internship during university with Neuravi based in Galway as an R&D intern engineer and then worked for 1 year following graduation with a contract medical device manufacturer based in Sligo called Arrotek Medical. I’m currently 2 years into my PhD research project which I currently work on part time.


A clinical study for the treatment of onychomycosis patients using a novel ROS producing onychomycosis treatment when compared against 5% amorolfine topical lacquer to reduce the visible size of infected toenails. (Accepted Feb 2022)

Healthcare acquired infections and the associated use of antimicrobials in the Republic of Ireland: An overview
(To be summited March 2022)