Research Projects

Faisal Khan Pathan

Current Research Masters Student

Assisted Self-Management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Faisal’s research programme focuses on developing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to assist patients with their management of diabetes. The new AI technologies will empower patients and deliver improved long-term care while reducing the risks of developing acute and chronic diabetes related complications. Any technology that is developed will be available to clinicians to enhance and supplement patient data that is available to them currently. This will enable improved point of care when patients interact with clinical teams in out-patient clinics.

This research project is being conducted in collaboration with the Consultant Endocrinologist, Professor Cathy McHugh, in Sligo University Hospital and the clinicians and clinical support team in the Sligo Medical Academy NUIG, which is attached to the Sligo University Hospital. The clinicians in the Sligo University Hospital specialise in the area of diabetes management.

There is also an industrial partner for this project. ProWellness are an SME whose headquarters is based in Oulu Finland. ProWellness Balansio™ is an AI-enabled, mobile, assisted self-care system for individuals with diabetes, that transforms diabetes management from clinic-based solutions to a next generation, easy to use, digitalised and automated remote care solution for all stakeholders including patients and healthcare professionals. The solution brings the professional services of a diabetes clinic directly to the patients’ smartphones. They have a long-standing relationship with Sligo University Hospital who started using their clinical database system in diabetes care 15 years ago in 2005.

Faisal has studied Master of Science in Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence from Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland and graduated is 2020. Adding to it, his bachelor’s was in computer science from Anjuman College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur University, India. He has an industrial experience of 3 years working as a software developer in India and Ireland.


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