Research Projects

Naoise Rasmussen

Current PhD Student

The effects of weight loss interventions on dementia trajectory in obese individuals

Research Project Summary:

Globally, both the prevalence of obesity and dementia are rising. Increasing evidence suggests a potential association between obesity and cognitive decline, however it is not fully understood why this association occurs. Weight loss may reduce dementia risk, as it has been shown to improve memory and attention.  This project, in collaboration with the Obesity Immunology Research Group (OIRG),  investigates the potential link between obesity and dementia. Dementia status will be accessed in obese individuals at various timepoints during the study via measurement of known plasma protein dementia biomarkers. We aim to investigate whether weight loss interventions (weight loss advice, drug treatment, bariatric surgery) affect dementia status in obese individuals and how weight loss impacts dementia trajectory. We will investigate the potential cellular changes associated with dementia status, and whether weight loss interventions lead to dependent or independent lowering of dementia risk.  This project will help gain further insight into the potential relationship between obesity and dementia, may aid in future development of treatment and prevention strategies for dementia, and may help decision making for those with obesity and cognitive decline.

Bio: Graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 2020 with an undergraduate degree in Human Genetics. Graduated from Maastricht University in 2021 with a master’s in epidemiology.


Obesity Immunology Research Group