Research Projects

Neeta Israni

Current PhD Student

An analysis of the Irish hotel sectors sustainable operations for the growth in robots, artificial intelligence, and service automation (RAISA)

This research will focus on an analysis of the hotel sectors Sustainable Operations Management for the expansion and growth in Robots, artificial intelligence, and service automation (RAISA). This emergent research will explore the use of RAISA currently being applied in tourism, and how the continued use and development of such technologies will impact on tourism sustainable operations in Ireland. RAISA has the potential to provide a wealth of opportunities to both the tourism and hospitality sectors by improving product delivery, ensuring consistency and by transferring processes to the customer. Although there have been technological strides in the development of RAISA in recent years, there has been very little focus on how these developments will affect sustainable operations management in high contact service industries such as tourism and hospitality, especially its effects on a tourism dependent economy such as Ireland. This research aims to narrow this gap in research by identifying the current uses of RAISA in Sustainable operations management by the Irish Hotel sectors and to provide strategies for the adoption of RAISA by companies in the hotel sector in relation to sustainable operations management.

Ms. Israni was awarded a post graduate diploma (two years) in Tourism from Delhi University in 1988. She learnt French language from Alliance Francaise De Delhi. Ms. Neeta Israni has extensive work experience. Before joining Air India in 1994, she worked for four years  as Assistant Tourist Officer with Uttar Pradesh Tourism (UPT), government of Uttar Pradesh, India. During the course of her employment with UPT and Air India, she attended many conferences, workshops, and trainings. After working as Officer Customer Services with Air India for twenty-six years, Ms. Israni took voluntary early retirement from Air India in November 2020. After a gap of 33 years, she returned to academia by taking admission in Dublin Business School, Ireland. In February 2022, Ms Israni obtained first class honors in MSc (Management Practice). While pursuing MSc Management Practice, Ms Israni carried out primary research in an event management company. The title of the research was, “Exploring the perceived impact of organizational culture on the practice of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) by employees.” Mixed method approach was utilised for this project. For the Dublin Business School’s research day, she prepared a research poster titled, “An IPA study to explore the perceived impact of leadership on the practice of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) among employees engaged in hotel industry across Dublin.”  She has sound knowledge of research methodology.

In June 2022, she was selected for an OSCAR PhD Scholarship at the Faculty  of Business, to work under the capable supervision of Dr James Hanrahan, Dr Connor McTiernan,  Dr Michael Barrett, and Prof Graham Heaslip.