Research Projects

Tanya Mehra

Current PhD Student

Individual biomarkers of iodine status- from population studies to personalised assessment


My major area of interest and preference lies in the field of research, life-science and pharmacology. I have done my Bachelor’s in biotechnology from Punjab College of Technical Education, Punjab, India and Master’s from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, India.

Master’s PROJECT (October 2019- March 2020) –

Allele Frequencies for Short Tandem Repeats Loci in Representative Sample of North Indian Population. Participated in a project within a group of 4 to study 15 Autosomal STR loci. Developed a DNA Database for North Indian Population.

PhD Project-

I am currently working under the supervision of Mr. Nikolay Solovyev. The aim of the project is to identify novel biomarkers of individual iodine status in humans to improve the personalized assessment of iodine nutritional status.