Research Projects

Tasneem Ahmed

Current PhD Student

Enhancing climate resilience in European coastal cities-A multi method approach.

This research titled “Enhancing climate resilience in European coastal cities-A multi method approach” will contribute to the EU Horizon 2020, SCORE (Smart control of climate resilience in European coastal cities) project. SCORE is a €10m Horizon 2020-funded research project to increase climate resilience in European coastal cities lead by IT Sligo. This PhD project is based on the SCORE tasks and activates, in particular the PhD project objectives are:

  • To downscale climate projections in order to produce a dataset of environmental parameters with temporal and spatial resolution suitable for the project CCLLs’ application needs
  • To develop tools for statistical data analysis, modelling and testing to assess the occurrence and probability of major coastal hazards and evolution trends
  • Engage and empower local communities in co-monitoring activities for the assessment of CCLLs’ EBAs
  • Leverage citizen science and participatory GIS activities to collect data to complement institutional data and models for the SCORE early warning system
  • Developing algorithms and protocols to guarantee the quality of data collected in citizen science activities
  • Complement and integrate by fillings gaps of sparse networks of institutional sensors with a denser network of low-cost citizen science sensors to monitoring a set of critical parameters, of interest for each CCLL
  • Development of innovative techniques for data fusion to measure and visualise coastal city climate resilience


Originally being trained as a physicist, I shifted my attention to climate sciences realising that utilising my physics training I could study and consequently contribute towards the understanding of the changing climate that this planet has been undergoing since the past couple of decades. Through my research I hope to inform adaptation and mitigation strategies to tackle the negative impacts of climate change which disproportionately affects the most vulnerable places on this planet like coastal areas with rising sea level and the increasing frequency and intensity of storms.  My interest lies in multi-disciplinary research to approach a problem in the most optimal way possible and which at the same time exposes me to wide range of skills.

Area of Interest: Climate change, statistical analysis, low-cost sensors, remote sensing, GIS


M.Sc. climate change, Maynooth University, Ireland.

B.Sc. Physics, Gauhati University, India

Interests/hobbies: Buddhist studies, spiritualism, Yoga, travelling, and an aspiring photographer.

To know more about my project and for any suggestions, please feel free to contact me via my email or LinkedIn profile: