DR Chris Sparks




I came to IT Sligo in 2003 and since that time have lectured in Sociology, Politics and Policy studies. Previously, I was located in London where I was Senior Lecturer in Politics at London Metropolitan University, Associate Lecturer in Social Policy at Royal Holloway College, University of London and Quintin Hogg Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study Of Democracy, University of Westminster. To date I have  has written two books :  Uncertainty and Identity: The Enlightenment and its Shadows (University Westminster Press 1994), Montesquieu¿s Vision: Uncertainty and Modernity (Edwin Mellin 1999), and have co-authored three more: Political Theorists in Context (Routledge 2004, Contemporary Political theorists in Context and Politika I Strah [The Politics of Fear]).I have also written  a number of book chapters  on social uncertainty in an Irish context (see bibliography) In more recent years I have become more interested and active in the scholarship of teaching, completing an M.Ed at Trinity College Dublin from which one publication has been drawn with more work in conferences and publications to follow